Monday, August 29, 2011

Pokemon Monday #2: Gothorita and Bianca

Hello! Last Monday, when I first decided to institute Pokemon Mondays here at Dork Stitch, I had been somehow convinced that every comment on the post would be something along the lines of, "Oh, come on! We don't care if you run a Pokemon League on Monday nights! Go play your dumb card game and get this rubbish off of our screens!" However, considering that all of you watching this blog have managed to not only put up with it, but be polite about the whole thing when I decide to completely ignore what people like and/or care about and post cross stitch patterns of characters from obscure Neo Geo games,I shouldn't have been worried about the reception to posting Pokemon cross stitch patterns. Because of this, I'm back for a second Pokemon Monday, with two new patterns and a piece of finished work from a reader that actually has nothing to do with Pokemon!

Just like last week, I have a big, somewhat fancy pattern of a Pokemon and a Phantasy Star II style sprite pattern of one of the trainers. Thanks to an anonymous commenter, who has in all likelihood saved you guys from a pattern of a tiny grass Pokemon, today I have a pattern of Gothorita, and thanks to my having already made the pattern, today's trainer is Bianca, one of the rivals from Black/White. Both of the patterns were pretty fun to make, and I'd actually like to stitch them both at some point, but I hope you guys like them, too! If any of you have any Pokemon or trainers you'd like to see next Monday, or on any Monday in the future, just leave a comment about it and I'll see what I can do. Until then, here are some cross stitch patterns for Gothorita and Bianca!
Since the patterns portion of this post is done with, it's time to turn our attention towards some spiffy and creative stitching from Dork Stitch reader Kamryn, who's going through the Clannad patterns like nobody's business! (Speaking of those, I started a new one yesterday, so it ought to be up later this week!) Her new, and excellently stitched work is based on the dango pattern from a few weeks back, which she not only cross stitched, but also turned into a cute light switch cover! Though the project is certainly a testament to the power of clear nail polish, which she used to prevent unraveling threads and fabric, and customizable light switch plates, it's also a really cool idea and an interesting and fun way to display finished stitching. I haven't seen stitching used this way before, but I think that it looks really cute.
Even though I'm caffeinated enough that I could sit here and type for several more hours, I'm actually out of things to say in regards to this blog for the moment, so I'd better go before I've posted an entire paragraph on the jigsaw puzzles stacked up on top of my scanner or something like that. I should be back with new patterns sometime relatively soon, though, so until then, good luck with all of your crafting and have a good day!


  1. Wow. This is the most amazing cross stitch finish EVER! And hooray for the power of clear hail polish! I use it sometimes too, but was too ashamed to say so ^///^ Glad I'm not the only person who uses it in cross stitch!

  2. The Gothorita pattern is so cute and cool! Thanks for making it! Bianca looks awesome too!

  3. Oh my goodness, I love her!!! LOL!!!!!

    I LOVE the switch plate. How totally awesome!!!! :D

  4. That is a cool way to finish stitching!

    What program do you use to create your patterns?