Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Third Cross Stitch Pattern in the Clannad Set Appears Today

Hello! In starting my post for today, I don't really feel like I have too much to explain before I get going, especially since I pretty much just said what was going to be here in the post's title. It isn't by any means the worst thing that's ever happened, but really, if I'd just been a little more creative when coming up for a title, you guys would be getting a much more interesting and informative introductory paragraph than you are right now. This, however, is all I can do for you right now, so I suppose I just ought to quit typing and get on with the post.

As you already may have guessed, today's cross stitch pattern here at Dork Stitch features another character from Clannad, following the recent patterns of Nagisa and the dango mascots. I don't know as much about the anime as I ought to, considering that I'm doing patterns for the entire cast, so they're not in any particular order. Today, however, the featured cast member is Fuko, since I thought she seemed charming and delightful. The pattern is a bit different from Nagisa's, which I hope can keep things interesting for any of you who've decided to stitch more than one of these patterns. Before I could visit my archives and look at things, though, I'd been a little worried that Fuko's pattern would look way to similar to one of the ones I'd made of Miyuki, from Lucky Star. Once I had a chance to look at both of them together, I felt a little better, since the two patterns certainly aren't identical, but they are similar enough that I think stitching them together could look sort of cute. Regardless of the older Lucky Star pattern, however, here is Clannad's Fuko, all charted up out and ready to be crafted! She should be fairly easy to make, since the only really detailed part of the pattern is her blush, which I tried using a little dithering on to get a lighter than normal effect, and it's not a terribly large pattern, either.
Since Fuko is now posted, and I don't have any other new content for today, I suppose it's time for me to leave this blog and find something else to do! Like always, if you've got any requests or finished work to show off, let me know, and I'll get back to you about it fairly quickly. I'm hoping to post here again pretty soon, probably with some new patterns in my Baccano set, but until then, I hope you are all doing well and having decent enough luck with whatever craft projects you may be trying to complete.

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  1. She's a cutie!
    and btw, even if it takes you one hour to write a post, I still count it as fast! I'm aiming to go under 2 hours! XD