Saturday, August 20, 2011

Two New Final Fantasy VIII Sprite Patterns, Completing the Main Party!

Hello! It's been a few days since I last posted here, so I probably should have shown up with more to show for my non-posting days than two new sprite patterns. There are a lot of requests that I still plan to fill, including some new requests for Link and Monkey D. Luffy, more Clannad portrait patterns, and more sprite patterns for He-Man and She-Ra. This afternoon, however, I made a bit of new progress on the set of Final Fantasy VIII patterns, so I figured that I'd post those if I had them finished and ready to go anyway. Today's two new patterns in the set feature Zell and Quistis, and I'm actually pretty happy with how both of them came out, even if my mind was momentarily boggled by the prospect of pixelling Zell's bizarre outfit. Now that these two are done, though, the game's entire main party is all charted up and ready to cross stitch! I got Rinoa and Squall posted earlier this month, and had Irvine and Selphie done months ago, with all of those patterns easily found under the magical Final Fantasy VIII tag on this blog's sidebar. In order to find the patterns for Zell and Quistis, however, all you have to do is look directly below this text block!

Even though this completes the main party from Final Fantasy VIII, I still plan to do several more sprite patterns for the game, with the list of characters I'd like to make being so long that it would look sort of ridiculous here. Hopefully, they'll work out well as cross stitch patterns, though, and it won't be too long before they get posted!

Since today's patterns are posted, it's time to move on to featuring some finished work based on this blog's patterns, starting with some new cross stitches from Tama! Not too long ago, she'd said she was out of my sprite patterns to stitch, which ultimately led to the revitalization of the Final Fantasy VIII sprite patterns set. Possibly because of this, one of her new stitched sprites features Squall, which, I have to say, looks much better than I expected it to when stitched, especially with Tama's usual nice stitching as the basis for the finished product. However, Squall has made an unexpected, and perhaps under-dressed friend in the form of He-Man, who looks very spiffy next to his jacketed companion, maybe because both of them use quite a few belts in their outfits. It's probably best if you disregard my expert commentary and just enjoy Tama's nifty stitching, though! Full versions of these photos can be seen at her previously linked blog, but here is a smaller image of her work.
In a development that is somewhat unexpected, I too have finished one of the patterns I posted here, having needlepointed the dango from Clannad. I actually made the pattern for my own purposes, since I like needlepointing blobby and cute stuff, with it being mere coincidence that it actually fit into one of the sets I've been working on posting. Regardless of why I made the pattern or what set it belongs to, though, I enjoyed switching every color in my design, deciding not to use it for an actual cross stitch project, and then needlepointing it with craft thread on plastic canvas so that it can eventually be pinned to my wall. A bigger version of this image and additional comments can be seen on my Deviant Art page, but you won't really miss much detail if you just look at it here.
Seeing as my current inability to throw together a sentence has made this blog post take much longer to write than it normally would, I no longer want to continue writing it. The fact that I'm out of new content today is a factor, too, but since the first excuse sounds more dramatic, I think that'll be my official line for today. Tomorrow or Monday, however, I'm going to post the results of my taking part in Joyze's International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, and it won't be too long after that when I post some more spiffy new cross stitch patterns! Until then, however, I hope you're all having good weekends that are just as productive (or unproductive) as you'd like them to be!


  1. I always get such a kick out of seeing your sprite designs. :D

  2. EEEEeeeeeee!
    Quistis at last!
    (stops jumping up and down, clears throat, regains composure, pretends to act cool.)
    I mean, she looks great.

  3. I missed this post somehow.
    They are ADORABLE! I can't wait to stitch them... wonder if Zell will be chivalrous or not... hmmm?
    Your cute blobs are very round and cute, indeed :D