Friday, September 9, 2011

Cross Stitch Sprite Pattern Dumping Day, With Durarara, Disgaea, Ocarina of Time, and Vocaloid Charts

Hello! The last time that I posted here, I wrote about a ton of work from readers, a lot of which was based on the sprite patterns I've been posting for a little bit under the last year. Since I'm not very focused, this made me want to sit around and make tons of sprite patterns so that I could stitch them later, which is a bit of what I've been doing for the past few days. I haven't stitched any of them yet, since I'm trying to actually finish a larger project that I'm working on, and none of these, save for one that had been mentioned months ago, are requests, but here are five new Phantasy Star II style cross stitch sprite patterns for your crafting enjoyment!

The first pattern up for today is the one that I've been wanting to make for the longest period of time, featuring Vocaloid Kaito. When I first started making these patterns, the Vocaloids were the first thing I'd done, since I'd been seeing them a lot online and their designs looked distinct and fun to stitch. Tons of them got posted on Christmas last year, but because they were my first sprite pattern project, a few of the characters, most notably Kaito, were missing due to my lack of practice and skill. Every once in a while, I'd go back and try to make a nice sprite for him, but I just kept messing up and not getting it quite right. Today, however, I decided that I was sick of screwing around with it and made up my mind that, before I did my post for today, I would have a presentable and cool Kaito pattern. After a longer than usual time spent moving pixels and colors around to get things just right, I think I finally got it! Without any further ado, here is a pattern of Vocaloid Kaito, ready to stitch or bead or whatever you want to do with it.
The next two charts in today's sprite pattern lineup are both of characters from Durarara, which were designed to stitch for my sister's upcoming birthday. She wants a couple of Baccano ones, too, and I imagine that she wants those more, but when I turned the computer on last night, I really wanted to do a sprite pattern of Celty, so these got done first. The pattern of Shizuo is probably the most detailed one I've got for today, both because his hair was complicated and seemed to require backstitching to get even remotely right and because I wanted him to have that vending machine he throws in the opening credits for good measure. In contrast, Celty is tied for the second least complicated of the day, since it looks like the motorcycle helmet should be a little easier to stitch than the standard face is, though I'm not sure why that would be. That makes her pattern pretty different from the others, though, which should make her interesting to stitch. Before I've typed too much about technicalities, though, here are Celty and Shizuo!

The next pattern for today is of Saria, from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and I actually don't have much to say about this one. I had a lot of different patterns of Princess Zelda, so I thought I should have one of Saria, too, and she was pretty easy to make. I should have a large and fancy pattern of Link posted soon, but for now, please enjoy this tiny pattern of Saria.
Today's last pattern is probably the least exciting of the five, featuring Adell from Disgaea 2, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out, so I decided to post it anyway! A while ago, I had a pattern of Rozalin posted, and I wanted to make her, but it seemed like it would be more fun to stitch her if I had another sprite pattern to match, so I ended up making Adell. When I first started working on this pattern, I really hated it and thought that it looked really stupid, but as it is now, I think that it actually looks like the character! He's sort of a boring character, as far as Disgaea goes, but it does seem to look like him. Here's the pattern, though, so you can decide for yourself if there's any resemblance to the in-game character design or not.
With those five patterns posted, I'm out of pointless new content for today, but I have a lot of requests to do and some other patterns I'd like to make, too, so it shouldn't be too long before I post again! If you stitch anything based on these patterns or have any requests, I will do my best to address that in good time, but until then, have a good weekend and good luck with all your crafting!


  1. Kaito is a cutie! I'm not a big fan of the Vocaloid music, but I think the characters are cute, Kaito and Kamui being my favs :D

  2. Saria is amazing! All you need now for Zelda patterns are patterns of Marin and Medli!

  3. Amazing. Now you need a Gakupo pattern

    1. Hello! I could have sworn I posted Gakupo, but you are right, and he has been in my patterns to post folder for.... over two years, at the very least. Do you need the chart quickly? I can e-mail it to you if you have some sort of urgent Vocaloid guy crafting need.