Sunday, September 18, 2011

IHSW September, Featuring a Lot of Sprites From My Own Patterns

Hello! It's the end of the third weekend of another month, so it's time to post the stuff I stitched during another International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, as hosted by Joyze at Random Ramblings! I didn't do very well with the hermit part of it, since I was gone most of Saturday, but I feel like I did pretty well with the stitching part of things, or at least better than I expected to do. Earlier in the week, I'd just finished one of my big projects, so for the weekend, I decided to just stitch things based on the sprite patterns that I always bombard you guys with on this blog. I was feeling very positive about them, for reasons that you'll see at the end of this post, so it was easy to get through a pile of them, so I'll go ahead and show you the first four for this blog post now!
These may have been rather odd choices for a set of cross stitches, since they don't really go together at all, but, from left to right, the characters stitched here are Renge from Ouran High School Host Club, Adell from Disgaea 2, Maya from Dragon Quest IV, and Regina from Dino Crisis. Renge and Adell are relatively recent patterns, which I think shows in the level of detail I fit in compared to the other two, while Maya and Regina's sprites are from last December. I'm pretty happy with all of them, though, and managed to stitch all of them starting early Saturday evening and finishing before ten tonight. Plus, any time that I get to stitch a character who runs around shooting velociraptors while I watch the Emmy awards is fine with me. (Regina's pattern isn't posted, but if you also like Dino Crisis and want to stitch her, let me know, and I'll get it posted for you!)

The fifth sprite that I have to post for today doesn't really fit under the IHSW banner, since I did the outline on Thursday and filled her in on Friday, but I also stitched my very recent pattern of Celty from Durarara for my sister, so I figured that I might as well post that, too! The dark gray glitter floss that I used for her leather outfit may have been a bit much, but the final product looks cool, so I'm not sure I care. The motorcycle helmet was kind of cool, too, since it pretty clearly differentiates her from the other sprite patterns.
All five of these were stitched onto perforated plastic canvas, so, before I go for tonight, I sort of want to show off why that's usually my fabric of choice for projects like this! I've posted photos of my cross stitch standees on here before, which are all made using the plastic, but earlier this week, I got a fairly large amount of ones based on my sprite patterns cut out and set up, so if you ever wanted to see what thirteen of them look like organized like a grade school class photo, here's your chance!
One way or another, I think that I've posted all thirteen of these finishes on here before, so I'll leave a link to my post of this on Deviant Art for people who want to know who all of the characters are, but I always like to see what people do with their stitchings after they're done, so I thought it might be sort of interesting to show off the figurines I make of mine. This is what's going to happen to the ones I posted tonight, so when I get another big set of them done, I'll post another photo like this one!

Now that I'm done writing about all of this weekend's stitching, I'm off to work on the patterns for tomorrow's Pokemon Monday post! I'm going to be substitute teaching for a junior high science class tomorrow, which'll be followed by the Pokemon League session itself, so it'll be a bit of a late post, but hopefully, you guys will like the new patterns! I'm hoping to get some other nice posts done this week, too, but until then, have a nice Monday!


  1. These are so darn cute..... I LOVE THEM!!!

    Oh... I say Celty fits. You filled him in on Friday, and in some parts of the world, that's already Saturday. ;)

    You know... I bet you could make a super cute sprite village..... with houses and trees and stuff.

  2. Wow, these are brilliant!! They look sooo good together !!!

  3. Wow, it looks so amazing with them all standing together! What a great idea to display them that way too :-) I look forward to seeing your sprite class grow!

  4. I love the class photo, just a great idea and as Joysze said they could have a little village and that would be taking cross-stitch to a new level of finishings :)
    Congratulations :)

  5. Nice picture, it reminds me of elementary school too.

  6. Ohhhh sooo cute!!! These would make great little gifts for pick me ups.

  7. Wow, you were sure busy! They look great - I love the way they stand up. The plastic canvas was a good idea!

  8. These are adorable!! Who knew that you could make things like these with canvas!!

  9. All of those are adorable! I love the standies too. Maybe when I run out of place on my board, I'll have to try it too!