Monday, September 5, 2011

Pokemon Monday #3: Generation Three and a Splash of Blue!

Hello! Even though this is a Pokemon Monday post, I'd like to begin by apologizing for a lack of features today. If you've finished some crafts based on Dork Stitch patterns and I said you'd be featured in this post, you can expect to see your work here tomorrow or on Wednesday! I'm sort of lazy and getting driven up the wall by allergies today, so I get the feeling that, even though I love all of the stuff I've seen and am set to write about, if I did it tonight, I'd go, "Yeah, yeah, whatever, it's nice, isn't it?" even though I think much more than that. Because of that, I've seen fit to move it to the next post, which shouldn't be very far off at all!

As for the actual Pokemon Monday part of this post, which I hope has a title much in the spirit of Pokemon's cartoon, I have, as per the last two weeks, a new cross stitch pattern of a Pokemon and a sprite pattern of a trainer for you, though today's choices might be a bit odd. Today's Pokemon is Swablu, for no reason other than that I think it's cute and puffy looking. The pattern I made for it is a bit different from the last two in that I used a screenshot from the anime as the basis, so that it looked a little less static than it otherwise would have, but I don't think that'll make much of a difference. It's not a terribly large pattern, and the color count is relatively low, so it should be fun and easy to stitch! I'm considering making it myself, to match a Wingull that I put on plastic canvas, but since that's a fairly irrelevant statement, I'll quit typing and just put up Swablu's cross stitch chart!
As for the Pokemon trainer sprite pattern to be included in this post, I actually had quite a bit of trouble choosing a character to use! I'm not going to list who my options were, since that would doubtlessly lead to frustration that I chose the character I did, but after determining that, although she has no clear connection to the Pokemon, Ruby/Sapphire's Elite Four trainer Phoebe would look nice next to a Swablu, she became the clear choice for tonight's post. I actually haven't done too many sprite patterns of summery outfits or beachwear, so it was sort of interesting to try that, but I don't think she came out too badly! You can judge for yourself by looking at the pattern right here.
With these patterns of Phoebe and Swablu, another Pokemon Monday here at Dork Stitch has drawn to a close, but if there are any Pokemon or trainers that you'd like to see in next week's post, let me know! As you can tell from this post, things get a little obscure if I'm left to my own devices, but doing requests is fun, too, so I'm happy either way. I should be back with another, less regimented post within a couple of days, but, until then, I hope your weeks have gotten off to good starts!

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  1. These patterns are so cool! I can't wait to stich them! If I remember right, last monday you said you were going to post a pattern of a small green pokemon. Is it Snivy? And when will you post it?