Monday, September 26, 2011

Pokemon Monday #6: Requested Patterns of Four Trainers

Hello! It's Monday, so that means it's time for a new Pokemon themed post here at Dork Stitch, but this week, I don't have any new cross stitch patterns of actual Pokemon! I do, however, have a whole pile of requested patterns of Pokemon trainers from comments here and the blog's Facebook page, which I had a lot of fun making and am very happy with. (In a sidenote to Anonymous, I haven't forgotten the other thing you mentioned in last week's comment, but I am saving it for a themed post in the near future.)

The four trainers for today's post are Cilan, Iris, May, and Melody, from Pokemon the Movie 2000, and it was fairly nifty to make patterns for all of them. In order to add a bit of variety to today's post, I did make Cilan as a portrait pattern rather than the usual sprite, since he was the only one where a sprite pattern wasn't specifically requested, but I do plan to make a sprite pattern of him and a portrait pattern of Iris soon, so that post should look strangely familiar when it comes. (I have at least one portrait pattern of May in this blog's archives, if you're interested in stitching a larger image of her, too.) It was especially nice to make the smaller patterns of May and Iris, since that means that there's now a full set of Ash's female traveling companions posted here and ready to stitch, but it was fun to make one for Melody, too, so really, I had no problem at all with making the patterns in this post. To stop myself from typing an endless stream of nonsense, though, I'll start off with posting today's pattern, starting with the portrait of Cilan! The colors in the new season of Pokemon are really simplistic, without much shading or detail, so he should be very quick and easy to stitch.
Now that Cilan's posted, here are the three sprite patterns for today, featuring Iris, May, and Melody!

I have to say that, now that these patterns are posted, I'm sort of out of content for today, so I suppose that it's time to log off of here and print up these patterns to make for myself! I've been on a bit of a kick as far as stitching these sprite patterns goes, so I'm hoping to eventually get all three of them done. It shouldn't be more than a couple of days until I post here again, but until then, thank you for reading and have a nice week!

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