Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Really Big Cross Stitch Pattern of (Not a Princess) Link

Hello! Even though it's been over a year since I posted it, the monochrome pattern I did of Princess Zelda is one of this blog's most-stitched patterns, so today, after some requests and my decision to finally stop being so slow about the whole thing, I have a matching pattern of Link. In a shocking move, I made the executive decision that, rather than sitting down to draw a fan art of Twilight Princess Link somehow simultaneously shrouded in shadow and surrounded by flames while waving Ganon's head in the air as the basis for today's pattern, I would go the previously-untraveled-by-this-blog cute path and use some of the character art from The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures instead. It seemed to me that having a cheerful adventurer type of Link would match Zelda well, even though this was, alarmingly, based on an image of Blue Link. If you're enough of a purist to be bothered by that, though, just stitch him in blue and ignore my suggestion of green entirely.

While making this, I wanted to make sure that it was similar in size to the monochrome Princess Zelda pattern, so even though the width is a bit different, Link and Zelda are the same height, so they'll be suitable for displaying together. I think that they should probably be about the same amount of work to finish, too, which, depending on your patience level in regards to monochrome projects, is either good news or information that ensures you will never stitch it. Either way, though, I think that this pattern came out pretty well, and I hope that you guys like it and enjoy stitching it! Just under a year and a half after the monochrome Zelda cross stitch pattern was posted, here is a matching monochrome Link.
Now that Link is posted and all ready to be crafted by whoever might like to, it's time to feature some reader work, courtesy of Deviant Art's RuinedRhedam! Her lovely piece, featuring stitching based on three of this blog's Final Fantasy VII sprite patterns, features a lot of fancy extra detail, including a game logo that she got from the always spiffy Gatchacaz (whose blog is here and whose website is here) and some nifty looking self-designed lettering. What I found really impressive about this whole project, though, is how symmetrical the whole thing is. She gave Sephiroth a well-designed weapon to match Cloud's, mirroring his sprite's design, and plopped Vincent in the middle, looking unarmed and as if he might think his cross stitched companions are trying a bit too hard to look dangerous. In order to see a full-sized image of this stitching, check out RuinedRhedam's Deviant Art posting of it, but for now, please enjoy this lovely thumbnail!
With today's post typed up and over with, I'm off to do something else for a bit, but I should be back soon to post something in regards to the upcoming International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, hosted by Joyze at Random Ramblings. I'm hoping to have some new patterns soon, too, so that ought to be interesting to post about as well! Until then, I hope you guys have a good day or multiple good days, and always welcome requests and photos of finished versions of this blog's patterns!


  1. Wow, Link is super huge and super cool! :·)

  2. I love Link!!!! MIL GRACIAS !!!!

  3. i love the link pattern !! (couple with zelda´s one)*Q*
    thanx so much for share with us!! :D
    maybe i will stitch for the IHSW (my 1st)


  4. Link looks great, but I truly love the Final Fantasy project. Your sprites always look so nice stitched. And Vincent does looka bit dubious about his company... or their sanity...

  5. jokeonly.livejournal.comSeptember 21, 2011 at 3:22 PM

    Hi, Missy. How are you? Thanks for such an awesome pattern - my favorite Link ever!