Monday, October 31, 2011

Pokemon Monday #10: Two Vaguely Spooky Pokemon Patterns

Hello! I'm posting this later in the afternoon than I'd originally planned, first because I was playing games instead of blogging, and then because I got a new box of prizes for Pokemon League and wanted to see what I'd be handing out to players next month more than I wanted to be sitting at the computer desk and typing this. (In case you're curious, it's Watchog and fire energy cards for the TCG players and pins that look like the Basic Badge for DS players.) Now that I'm done with all of that excitement, however, I'm ready to post a couple of new cross stitch patterns for yet another Pokemon Monday!

Since today is Halloween, I thought that it might be appropriate to commemorate the day by posting some nice patterns of ghost Pokemon. Seeing as this isn't exactly a blog that thrives on terror and intimidation, I chose Shuppet and Rotom as today's subjects because they're round and cute. The patterns that I made are relatively simple, matching my previous set of Black/White starters in both style and size, so they should be quick and easy to stitch, if you like them. They don't exactly match the other Pokemon thematically, but in terms of appearance, they should make a nice addition to the previous set, too, if you made those without wanting to hit your head on a desk. Before I go on any more about these spiffy new cross stitch patterns, however, here are Shuppet and Rotom!
As far as I know, I don't have any finished work by readers to show off today, so I think that I'm out of things to post! If you cross stitch or perler bead or do any sort of craft with the patterns featured on this blog, though, let me know and I'll write all about it! I should have some new cross stitch patterns done and ready to post very soon, but until then, have a happy Halloween and a nice start to November!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Pattern I Forgot I'd Made and Some Awesome Stitching From Readers

Hello! A while ago, when I was making a lot of Baccano patterns (which I'm still working on for my ridiculous sampler), I got sick of all of the monochrome rubbish and made a cross stitch pattern of Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara, since that's the anime I was watching while working on the charts, to post on this blog. Once I was done with it, I printed it and set in in the stack of patterns that I wanted to eventually stitch, but, as all of you may have noticed, I did not actually post it. Since there was no demand for this pattern whatsoever, I'm not sure how much that matters, but I found the pattern again yesterday and decided that today would be a good enough time to post it! I think that this pattern ought to be interesting to stitch, since Shizuo's hair ended up being very detailed, and it was sort of fun to step away from working on frilly girl patterns for a little bit, even if I was back to that within a day. If you're interested in stitching this, though, here is the pattern, ready to be printed, put in a folder, and forgotten about for long periods of time!
Now that I have today's pattern posted, I can move on to what I'm really excited about writing about today, in the form of two new stitched versions of Dork Stitch patterns! The first cross stitcher to be featured for today is Finland's Tihvutin, who's stitched another spiffy version of this blog's pervasive monochrome pattern of Princess Zelda! It's always really cool to see new versions of this pattern made, but this one is interesting in that it was actually stitched on the back of a dress. The stitching itself, pictured in a relatively small size below, is very tidy, particularly considering that it must have been done with waste fabric, and it looks pretty on the mint green of the dress. If you'd like to see a full sized image of it, however, alongside an image of how it looks on the dress, you should check out Tihvutin's nifty and stitching filled Deviant Art gallery!
Today's second finished piece of the day comes from official friend of the blog Kamyrn, who's made another of the Clannad patterns that's been posted here! Her character of choice for this cross stitch was Fuko, who looks lovely in peach and dark gray. As always, her stitching is very precise and pretty, and it's quite impressive that she got through stitching all of that hair without beating her head on a table! Here is a photo of her stitching for your enjoyment.
With all of that posted, I'm done for today, but I plan to keep working on all sorts of patterns and update again later this week! Until then, though, hopefully you guys will have nifty weeks and not make any bizarre and irreparable mistakes on your respective crafts. It sounds like a strange wish, but since that's what I always hope for in my own projects, I don't imagine it's out of line for me to say that.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pokemon Monday #9: Wingull and Hilda, Plus Some Finished Work of a Pokemon and Non-Pokemon Nature

Hello! Today, I don't really want to sit still, so blogging seems like it's going to be very difficult. I got online an hour and fifteen minutes ago, and, since then, have spent a lot of time wandering around the house, looking through my cross stitch supplies, putting an outfit on a blank doll so that I can use her as a drawing dummy, putting my DS on to charge, looking through all of my Pokemon cards, and eating candy and drinking soda. It is, however, a Pokemon Monday, and I have two new and spiffy patterns for you, featuring the charming Pokemon Wingull and Hilda, the female trainer from Pokemon Black/White! The Wingull pattern is one that I've had on reserve for quite a while, though I'm not totally sure why I haven't posted it. I think that it's a nice enough Pokemon, and, having stitched it on plastic canvas (which I used as the finished project image on the pattern, seeing as I write this blog and can do stuff like that), can vouch for the fact that it's a decent pattern. Hilda, on the other hand, is a brand new sprite pattern, and I'm really happy with how it came out because her hair is puffy and cool. I've stitched her real sprite before, from in the game, and will probably make this one, too! In the event that you guys would like to make either of these, though, here are the patterns!
With those patterns posted, I have some finished work from a reader to show off, which is really cool, since it seems like it's been a long time since I've done that! As those of you who follow this blog may know, The Stitching Reaper (click on her pseudonym to get to her blog) is on a quest to stitch all of the Sailor Moon sprite patterns, and she's finished three more of them very nicely! Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Mercury have been added to her set, and though there's only a thumbnail here, there is a larger version of it on her blog, alongside a nifty picture of her progress so far that I definitely recommend checking out!

I also have a finished piece to show off, even though it's not from one of the patterns I've posted here. Starting on Thursday and ending on Sunday, I did a plastic canvas needlepoint of the Pokemon card Team Rocket's Trap as it appears in one of the Pokemon TCG Game Boy games! (I got the sprite for it from Sprite Database, which is a very good website.) There is a lot more unnecessary information about the project on my Deviant Art page, but here's a smaller picture of it, which is probably good enough. I'm really happy with how this came out and started stitching a second card last night! (This was done with craft thread on 10-count plastic canvas and measures about 6.5 by 4.5 inches.)
I'm out of stuff to write about for today, so I am going to quit blogging and eat an orange! I'm hoping to have a lot of cool patterns to post this week, though, so, until my next post, I hope that all of you are having nice weeks and doing well with all of your crafting!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Finished Sheet of Stitched Sprites

Hello! Tonight is not a new pattern post, though I do hope to do one of those soon. When I said that I was almost done with my sheet of perforated plastic canvas covered in stitched sprites from the patterns I make and post, however, some of you seemed to be interested in that, so I thought I would post it! It was really fun to design and stitch all of these, even though I think I picked weird characters, and it'll be even more fun when I'm able to chop all of these into standees and set them up with the others I've made. Some of the patterns I stitched here are a bit of a preview of patterns I've finished and not posted, too, so if there are any of those you like, please let me know and I will get the patterns, and in some cases, the sets they go in, posted for you to stitch. For now, though, here is a photo of the 18 stitched sprites, a few of which you've seen before, and a giant block of text regarding them!
Top Row: Renge (Ouran Host Club), Adell (Disgaea 2), Maya (Dragon Quest IV), Regina (Dino Crisis), Yurippe (Angel Beats), Saria (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
This row is probably a bit boring, since the first four here were previously posted as my stitching for last month's International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. Past that, though, Yurippe is the row's sole unposted pattern, though she looks way too much like Athena from the King of Fighters games here. I know that her character design was derivative, but not nearly to that extent. It's not too weird looking or anything, though, so I don't mind too much.

Center Row: Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop), Rick Hunter (Robotech), SF-A2 miki (Vocaloid), Sinclair (Art of Fighting 3), Meena (Dragon Quest IV), Ash Crimson (King of Fighters)
In this row, the unposted patterns are Spike, Rick, and Sinclair, with the characters from Cowboy Bebop and Robotech likely being more of a preview of things to come than anything else. I used some DMC glitter embroidery floss on Sinclair, though, which has to count for something. I think that it makes her the cross stitched equivalent of a rare Pokemon card.

Bottom Row: Kula Diamond (King of Fighters), Megaman.EXE and Roll (Mega Man Battle Network), Lucia (Pangya), K' (King of Fighters), Julia (Tekken)
This row contains the two Mega Man cross stitches that I did over the weekend, with K' being the only other member of the group who's gotten their pattern posted. Julia's part of a much larger set of Tekken characters that I've made, while Lucia's sprite is actually the second version of the character that I've designed and stitched. I'd like to have an entire set of Pangya standees, and since it's an MMO, every character has piles of outfits to choose from, which is great for stitching.

With all of that typing done in regard to such an odd project, I guess that I'm done posting for tonight, though you'll probably see these stitches on here again when I've cut them into standees, as part of a larger group. I'm hoping to do a more normal post within the next couple of days, so until then, good luck with your respective craft projects, and have a nice day, too!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A New Sprite Pattern in the Final Fantasy VII Set

Hello! Seeing as I posted no cross stitch patterns yesterday and some cross stitch patterns that were not requested on Saturday, it seemed like today would be a good day to work on some sprite pattern requests! There are quite a few of them that people want, and though I couldn't get through many of them this afternoon, partially due to my downloading of KOF: Encounter for my iPod, because I really need more King of Fighters to distract me, I did get two different patterns made for Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII! As always, it was totally unnecessary for me to make two different versions of her, but since her outfits from the PS1 game and Advent Children were totally different, it seemed like it would be fun. Plus, Aerith got two different patterns, and Yuffie is better than her (which is, of course, a matter of opinion), so that also needed to be taken into account as I worked on these. They aren't too different from any of the other sprite patterns I post, except for that these have a slightly darker color scheme than normal, but hopefully, they're still interesting to stitch.
With that posted, I really don't have anything else for today, though I am hoping to get through some more pattern requests and do more posting soon! Until then, however, I always love to see finished work based on the patterns I post, and, if you don't mind waiting through other requests and whatever weird patterns I decide to make in the meantime, I enjoy doing pattern requests. I hope all of you are having a good day and will be back for more posting later!

Monday, October 17, 2011

IHSW October's Lack of Actual Stitching

Hello! I want to start today's blog post by apologizing for the fact that this week's Pokemon Monday has been cancelled, due to the fact that while subbing today, I had to watch the same Schoolhouse Rock video five times in a row on a top loading VCR with terrible tracking and listen as the sound quality degraded with each play, which seemed to temporarily defeat my creative spirit. I do have some patterns started and made, though, so next week's Pokemon Monday should be quite cool!

For today's post, I'm posting what I stitched over the weekend, seeing as it was an International Hermit and Stitch Weekend! I didn't do too well with either parts of it, since I went to town with my family on both Saturday and Sunday and spent more time looking at cross stitch patterns than I did actually stitching them. I did, however, stitch the two Mega Man Battle Network sprites that I posted on Saturday, so I've got those to show off! My sheet of plastic canvas is really close to being filled, so I should be able to do a post on that on its own sometime in the next few days. Until then, though, here are MegaMan.EXE and Roll, stitched over the weekend!
Tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to seeing what other people made this weekend, since that always seems to be the most interesting part of participating in the hermit and stitch weekends. For now, however, I'm off to e-mail people and possibly watch a bit of Netflix before I go to bed! I hope that all of you had good weekends and good starts to your weeks and will be back and posting again soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Attempt to Reach Some Commenters and A Mega Man Battle Network Sprite Pattern

Hello! Before I get started with this post, I would like to address two recent comments that I got, since I couldn't find any other way to reliably respond to the people who left them. I hope that you guys are reading this, but if not, it's not taking up enough webspace to be damaging, so that's fine, too! In regards to Greg's comment, I am, in fact, happy that you took up cross stitching and hope that you enjoy it. Good luck with the simpler projects you're starting with! However, I am also happy that this gives me a somewhat valid excuse to make more Monster Rancher patterns, so if there are any characters in particular that you'd like to see, please let me know! In regards to Edgar's comment, which of the ponies would you like charts for? I'm going to make charts of a couple of them to stitch for some friends' birthdays, so I might as well make it a set! Thank you very much to both of you for commenting, and I hope to hear back soon.

Anyway, since it's currently an International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, courtesy of Joyze at Random Ramblings, I'm trying to finish up a sheet of my sprite patterns on perforated plastic canvas. I don't think that I'll get there, since I'd have to make five to achieve this goal and am partially done with two of them, but I have been making some new sprite patterns for myself for the occasion and, since I think they turned out well, am going to post a couple of them. The two characters who got the sprite treatment for today are MegaMan.EXE and Roll from Mega Man Battle Network/Mega Man NT Warrior, and it was actually really fun to work on these, since their designs are fairly different from a lot of characters. They've been fun to stitch so far, too, so if you like the series or characters, I hope that you'll like stitching these as well.
With all that out of the way, I think that I'm done with this for now, but I'm going to do my best to have a cool Pokemon Monday post and then get back to all of your requests. Until then, I hope that you all have good weekends and do well with your craft projects!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Entry in the Set of Clannad Cross Stitch Patterns is Done!

Hello! On Mondays, I realize that I usually say that I am going to finish and post something in at least one of the sets of cross stitch patterns that have been requested over the course of the week, but, despite the fact that I have a lot of sets to work on, this usually doesn't get done. Today, however, I actually have a new pattern in the Clannad set for you guys, which I think counts as some sort of progress. There are still a lot of sprite patterns that I'd like to finish in the next few days, but I think that, for today, anyway, it's sort of cool to have a new larger pattern done.

Anyway, the Clannad character featured in today's pattern is Kotomi, who is one of the first anime characters with an ordinary name that I've typed into Google without the title of her show and actually gotten good results. I don't know if this is because Kotomi is an unpopular name or because the character is, for some reason, incredibly iconic, but it seemed unusual either way. I've actually been working on this pattern on and off for weeks in some form or another, since her hair was giving me quite a bit of trouble, but the other day, I found a really nice image to use as the pattern's basis and was able to finish it pretty quickly. There are a few more colors in this than there are in some of my other portrait patterns, because of her ponytail holders, sweater, and the level of detail in her eyes, but I don't think it's anything that should make this too difficult to stitch. She's about the same size as the other Clannad patterns I've done, too, with the exception of Tomoyo, which I hope is convenient for those of you interested in stitching the set. Without any further chatter, here is the pattern of Kotomi!
Now that I have another cast member of Clannad done, I plan to go back and do a couple of sprite pattern requests, which currently include a couple of new Final Fantasy VII patterns, the cast of Death Note, and some more patterns for Final Fantasy VIII and He-Man. Of course, I'll probably get distracted on my way to making them, which shouldn't be too difficult, considering that this weekend is Joyze's International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. I'm probably just going to spend the weekend stitching more of my sprites, but I'm still looking forward to it and recommend it to any other bloggers looking for a fun monthly event! Even without that ahead, though, I still plan to do another post in the next couple of days, and, until then, hope that all of you are doing reasonably well!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pokemon Monday #8: Porygon2

Hello! Today I'm posting Pokemon Monday a bit late, but it was quite a busy day and it's not midnight here yet, so I think it still counts! Like last week, I've only got one pattern to post, but I think that today's is a super cool and potentially fun to stitch one, so I hope you guys like it. The biggest strike against it is probably that it's of Porygon2, but even though it doesn't feature the most popular Pokemon, I think that it still has a good enough combination of bright colors and a cute image to be a very spiffy pattern. It uses Porygon2's Dream World image as its basis, too, so it's also very modern and up to trend as far as big cross stitch patterns of Pokemon go. Regardless of all of this chatter, however, I'll post the pattern and let all of you decide if you like it or not!
Now that Porygon2 is posted, I'm sort of out of new content for today, but since I'm sort of tired, it's probably not such a bad thing that I'm ending this post early. I should be back with a more normal post soon, but, until then, I hope that all of your weeks are off to good starts!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guys, You've Got to See This Thing My Mom Made!

Hello! Today I don't have any patterns to share with you, though there's piles of them that I want to work on fairly soon, but I do have a photo of a really impressive finished project to show off here. For the past couple of months, my mom has been working on crocheting the big monochrome pattern of Princess Zelda that I posted here, and today, she got it finished! I think that it's safe to say that it's the biggest thing anyone has made from any of the patterns posted here, since it's large enough to use as a small blanket, and it looks really cool, too. If you also crochet, I can tell you that it was made with pound balls of acrylic yarn (Caron One Pounders, I was just told), and the border is done in scallop stitches, which make it look all fancy. It was also all stitched as one piece rather than Zelda being embroidered on top of the light purple stitching, which is also nifty. Rather than just type about it, though, I'll actually post a couple of photos of it, so that you guys can look at them and then all post comments telling my mom how spiffy she is!
Here is the first photo of the crocheted Zelda, which doesn't show off the image in its entirety, but does show off how massive it is next to the 14-count Aida cloth version of it I stitched. I think that Mom made hers a lot faster than I got mine done, too, even taking into account that she made sweaters while working on this.
Here is another photo of it, without my cross stitch plopped over the bottom corner and obscuring part of the image. I guess that the only thing really blocked in the other one is part of the shield, but the shield looks really nice, so it seemed worth it to post a second photo.

Anyway, now that this is done, Mom gave it to me, and my current plan is to have it replace the Invader Zim throw blanket from Hot Topic that I've had for years and years. I like it quite a lot and said thank you several times, but I wanted to do a blog post about it, too, so I hope that you guys liked seeing it! I should be back within a couple of days with a standard patterns and rambling post, so, until then, I hope you're all doing well!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Four Sprite Patterns of King of Fighters Characters

Hello! Lately, I have been pretty good about not going nuts and posting cross stitch patterns of characters from SNK fighting games every week, as those of you who've followed since the start of this blog know has been an issue in the past. In fact, since I posted a pattern of Rock, from Mark of the Wolves, and a finished piece of Chizuru, from the King of Fighters games, in May, this blog has been relatively SNK free. However, this was not a trend that I really wished to keep up, so today, I have four sprite patterns featuring some of the main characters from the King of Fighters series.

There are tons of characters from the games that I wanted to make, mostly so that I can stitch them, but as far as starting a new set of patterns went, it seemed like Kyo and Iori, the two most recognizable characters, would be a good place to start. Both of them were pretty fun to make, though I got irritated trying to get a nice looking sprite of Kyo's newer outfit and ended up going with the older, more traditional one, and I was pleased that, in the end, I got them both to look like the characters they represent. Once I had Kyo and Iori finished, though, I decided that while I was at it, I might as well cover the later main characters, too. Ash and K' were not nearly as easy to make as the other two had been, mainly because of Ash's Bumpit-tastic hair and K's belt-crazed biker outfit. I ended up being pretty pleased with these, too, since working on Final Fantasy VII patterns that got requested seems to have taught me a lot about dealing with weird hairstyles and excessive belts on leather. (Actually, I think that this means that without Tama, of Stitching Daze, these patterns would not be possible, since she'd made a lot of those requests, so I owe her an official Dork Stitch thank you!) Regardless of how well I like each of these patterns individually, however, I look forward to stitching them all, and if any of you guys like the King of Fighters games, I hope that you like them, too! In order to save paper, I've put two sprites on each chart.
Getting four new sprite patterns posted is more than I expected to do here today, so I'm going to sign off of Blogger, print these up, and go about the rest of my day! I'm hoping to do some more substantial patterns, or at least ones that you guys have actually asked for, soon, and, as always, I love getting pattern requests and seeing any finished work based on these patterns that you guys have made, regardless of your craft of choice! I hope that all of you are having nice weeks and doing well with your respective crafting endeavors.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pokemon Monday #7: A Rather Abbreviated Post, Featuring Meowth

Hello! Even though I do Pokemon Mondays on here because that's the night that I go and run the Pokemon League at the local comic store, I don't usually write too much about it, because I'm usually writing before I've actually gone. Tonight, however, one of my friends from junior high and high school came in to play cards, which was pretty spiffy. What was odd about it, though, was that she said she knew I'd be there because she recognized my handwriting on the league's poster in the front window. I never thought that my handwriting was very distinctive, but if someone who'd seen my handwriting occasionally years ago knew what it looked like from a few words scribbled in Sharpie, I guess that it must be. It was a little weird, but by no means negative.

Anyway, tonight I'm doing a late-night post for Pokemon Monday because I had substitute teaching today, about which I was actually very happy. Because of that, and the fact that I got too sleepy to do much pattern-making last night, however, I only have one cross stitch pattern. It is a portrait pattern of Meowth, at the request of Anonymous, which I find to be rather delightful, so if any of you out there are really fond of Meowth, it's your lucky day. If you're for some reason intensely irritated by Meowth, though, you're probably not going to like this post very well. It is a nice, moderately sized portrait pattern, though, with fairly subtle colors and a nice, cheerful look, so I think that it would be a nice enough project to make. Here is the pattern itself so that you guys can make your own judgement on it! The colors are simple enough that if you want to brighten them up, it should be easy to do, but I like them like this, so that's how I left it.
Well, now that I've told you guys a relatively pointless anecdote and posted a pattern of a Pokemon, it's time for me to end Pokemon Monday! I'm going to get to work on some more new cross stitch patterns for later in the week, though, so it won't be long until I post again! Until then, i hope that you guys have nice weeks and had a fairly good Monday.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

A New Set of Tenchi Muyo Patterns Starts Tonight, Featuring Ryoko!

Hello! Tonight I'm sort of sleepy, but I want to post to this blog anyway, so I hope you guys are ready for some incoherent rambling! I'm sort of hoping to keep my extraneous typing to a minimum tonight, since Durarara is on in about 25 minutes and I want to be done with this before then, but I'm usually not very successful at those sorts of endeavors, so that likely won't happen.

Anyway, I've wanted to post some new portrait-style cross stitch patterns here for quite a while now, and though I did have one of Cilan from Pokemon in Monday's post, it wasn't quite what I wanted to do, so I decided to start a set of them featuring the cast of Tenchi Muyo and its spinoffs. I realize that this is not something anyone requested, and I have not yet finished the portrait pattern sets for Clannad and Baccano. Tenchi Muyo, however, is a really good show, and I would like to cross stitch the characters from it, so this seems like a very good idea to me.

Tonight I'm starting the set of Tenchi Muyo portrait patterns with a cross stitch chart of Ryoko, since she seemed like a good character to start with. Even though she doesn't look too thrilled here, I really like how cartoony her expression is, so I think that it fits the show's animation style well, and the extreme shadows and highlights should make it interesting to stitch, too. It is a rather large pattern, but hopefully, it'll take a reasonable amount of time to complete and look nice in the end, too!
With Ryoko posted, I'm looking forward to making cross stitch patterns of the rest of the Tenchi girls, and, of course, Tenchi himself! Before and around the time of posting that, however, I plan to do a really nice Pokemon Monday post and, shockingly enough, try to fill some of the requests I've gotten in the last few weeks. Until then, however, I hope that you guys are having a good weekend and doing well with all of your crafting.