Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Four Sprite Patterns of King of Fighters Characters

Hello! Lately, I have been pretty good about not going nuts and posting cross stitch patterns of characters from SNK fighting games every week, as those of you who've followed since the start of this blog know has been an issue in the past. In fact, since I posted a pattern of Rock, from Mark of the Wolves, and a finished piece of Chizuru, from the King of Fighters games, in May, this blog has been relatively SNK free. However, this was not a trend that I really wished to keep up, so today, I have four sprite patterns featuring some of the main characters from the King of Fighters series.

There are tons of characters from the games that I wanted to make, mostly so that I can stitch them, but as far as starting a new set of patterns went, it seemed like Kyo and Iori, the two most recognizable characters, would be a good place to start. Both of them were pretty fun to make, though I got irritated trying to get a nice looking sprite of Kyo's newer outfit and ended up going with the older, more traditional one, and I was pleased that, in the end, I got them both to look like the characters they represent. Once I had Kyo and Iori finished, though, I decided that while I was at it, I might as well cover the later main characters, too. Ash and K' were not nearly as easy to make as the other two had been, mainly because of Ash's Bumpit-tastic hair and K's belt-crazed biker outfit. I ended up being pretty pleased with these, too, since working on Final Fantasy VII patterns that got requested seems to have taught me a lot about dealing with weird hairstyles and excessive belts on leather. (Actually, I think that this means that without Tama, of Stitching Daze, these patterns would not be possible, since she'd made a lot of those requests, so I owe her an official Dork Stitch thank you!) Regardless of how well I like each of these patterns individually, however, I look forward to stitching them all, and if any of you guys like the King of Fighters games, I hope that you like them, too! In order to save paper, I've put two sprites on each chart.
Getting four new sprite patterns posted is more than I expected to do here today, so I'm going to sign off of Blogger, print these up, and go about the rest of my day! I'm hoping to do some more substantial patterns, or at least ones that you guys have actually asked for, soon, and, as always, I love getting pattern requests and seeing any finished work based on these patterns that you guys have made, regardless of your craft of choice! I hope that all of you are having nice weeks and doing well with your respective crafting endeavors.

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