Saturday, October 1, 2011

A New Set of Tenchi Muyo Patterns Starts Tonight, Featuring Ryoko!

Hello! Tonight I'm sort of sleepy, but I want to post to this blog anyway, so I hope you guys are ready for some incoherent rambling! I'm sort of hoping to keep my extraneous typing to a minimum tonight, since Durarara is on in about 25 minutes and I want to be done with this before then, but I'm usually not very successful at those sorts of endeavors, so that likely won't happen.

Anyway, I've wanted to post some new portrait-style cross stitch patterns here for quite a while now, and though I did have one of Cilan from Pokemon in Monday's post, it wasn't quite what I wanted to do, so I decided to start a set of them featuring the cast of Tenchi Muyo and its spinoffs. I realize that this is not something anyone requested, and I have not yet finished the portrait pattern sets for Clannad and Baccano. Tenchi Muyo, however, is a really good show, and I would like to cross stitch the characters from it, so this seems like a very good idea to me.

Tonight I'm starting the set of Tenchi Muyo portrait patterns with a cross stitch chart of Ryoko, since she seemed like a good character to start with. Even though she doesn't look too thrilled here, I really like how cartoony her expression is, so I think that it fits the show's animation style well, and the extreme shadows and highlights should make it interesting to stitch, too. It is a rather large pattern, but hopefully, it'll take a reasonable amount of time to complete and look nice in the end, too!
With Ryoko posted, I'm looking forward to making cross stitch patterns of the rest of the Tenchi girls, and, of course, Tenchi himself! Before and around the time of posting that, however, I plan to do a really nice Pokemon Monday post and, shockingly enough, try to fill some of the requests I've gotten in the last few weeks. Until then, however, I hope that you guys are having a good weekend and doing well with all of your crafting.

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