Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Pattern I Forgot I'd Made and Some Awesome Stitching From Readers

Hello! A while ago, when I was making a lot of Baccano patterns (which I'm still working on for my ridiculous sampler), I got sick of all of the monochrome rubbish and made a cross stitch pattern of Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara, since that's the anime I was watching while working on the charts, to post on this blog. Once I was done with it, I printed it and set in in the stack of patterns that I wanted to eventually stitch, but, as all of you may have noticed, I did not actually post it. Since there was no demand for this pattern whatsoever, I'm not sure how much that matters, but I found the pattern again yesterday and decided that today would be a good enough time to post it! I think that this pattern ought to be interesting to stitch, since Shizuo's hair ended up being very detailed, and it was sort of fun to step away from working on frilly girl patterns for a little bit, even if I was back to that within a day. If you're interested in stitching this, though, here is the pattern, ready to be printed, put in a folder, and forgotten about for long periods of time!
Now that I have today's pattern posted, I can move on to what I'm really excited about writing about today, in the form of two new stitched versions of Dork Stitch patterns! The first cross stitcher to be featured for today is Finland's Tihvutin, who's stitched another spiffy version of this blog's pervasive monochrome pattern of Princess Zelda! It's always really cool to see new versions of this pattern made, but this one is interesting in that it was actually stitched on the back of a dress. The stitching itself, pictured in a relatively small size below, is very tidy, particularly considering that it must have been done with waste fabric, and it looks pretty on the mint green of the dress. If you'd like to see a full sized image of it, however, alongside an image of how it looks on the dress, you should check out Tihvutin's nifty and stitching filled Deviant Art gallery!
Today's second finished piece of the day comes from official friend of the blog Kamyrn, who's made another of the Clannad patterns that's been posted here! Her character of choice for this cross stitch was Fuko, who looks lovely in peach and dark gray. As always, her stitching is very precise and pretty, and it's quite impressive that she got through stitching all of that hair without beating her head on a table! Here is a photo of her stitching for your enjoyment.
With all of that posted, I'm done for today, but I plan to keep working on all sorts of patterns and update again later this week! Until then, though, hopefully you guys will have nifty weeks and not make any bizarre and irreparable mistakes on your respective crafts. It sounds like a strange wish, but since that's what I always hope for in my own projects, I don't imagine it's out of line for me to say that.


  1. Oh hellllooo!! He's cute. :D Love his blue glasses too.

    Awww, Zelda is so cute!!! I bet she gets lots of attention on that dress. :)

  2. Oh my, I just read the Durarara manga this past weekend!

    How tall is your stack of patterns to stitch? I can't print them all; I'd have a mountain. XD