Monday, October 31, 2011

Pokemon Monday #10: Two Vaguely Spooky Pokemon Patterns

Hello! I'm posting this later in the afternoon than I'd originally planned, first because I was playing games instead of blogging, and then because I got a new box of prizes for Pokemon League and wanted to see what I'd be handing out to players next month more than I wanted to be sitting at the computer desk and typing this. (In case you're curious, it's Watchog and fire energy cards for the TCG players and pins that look like the Basic Badge for DS players.) Now that I'm done with all of that excitement, however, I'm ready to post a couple of new cross stitch patterns for yet another Pokemon Monday!

Since today is Halloween, I thought that it might be appropriate to commemorate the day by posting some nice patterns of ghost Pokemon. Seeing as this isn't exactly a blog that thrives on terror and intimidation, I chose Shuppet and Rotom as today's subjects because they're round and cute. The patterns that I made are relatively simple, matching my previous set of Black/White starters in both style and size, so they should be quick and easy to stitch, if you like them. They don't exactly match the other Pokemon thematically, but in terms of appearance, they should make a nice addition to the previous set, too, if you made those without wanting to hit your head on a desk. Before I go on any more about these spiffy new cross stitch patterns, however, here are Shuppet and Rotom!
As far as I know, I don't have any finished work by readers to show off today, so I think that I'm out of things to post! If you cross stitch or perler bead or do any sort of craft with the patterns featured on this blog, though, let me know and I'll write all about it! I should have some new cross stitch patterns done and ready to post very soon, but until then, have a happy Halloween and a nice start to November!

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  1. Rotom and Shuppet are so cute! I was wondering if since this year is Sonic's 20th birthday, could you make some Sonic the Hedgehog patterns. Could you make one or two?