Monday, November 7, 2011

Pokemon Monday #11: It's Flaffy and Some Finished Stitching!

Hello! Today's edition of Pokemon Monday here at Dork Stitch is not late because I was working, or busy, or anything of the sort, but rather because I was so unfocused that I couldn't get myself to sit still and make a pattern. This afternoon, I was making stop motion animations on my DS and playing games, and tonight, I was printing out some of Gatchacaz's blackwork Pokemon patterns (which are really, really cool if you're looking for a unique way to stitch your Pokemon- they can be found here)  and looking through the free Kindle books on Amazon rather than trying my best to make a good pattern. After a while, however, I got myself to pay attention to one window on my desktop for long enough to make a cross stitch pattern of the charming Pokemon Flaffy! I wish I could say that there was some special significance to my choosing Flaffy for the pattern, but instead, I just thought it was cute when I was looking through screenshots from the anime. Hopefully, you guys like Flaffy, too! Here is today's pattern.
Though my attention span is not at its best tonight, I do have one more thing to post with Flaffy ready for you guys to stitch, and that's a beautiful piece of finished cross stitching from Shio, over at the blog Nene Miow! As some of you may remember, she did a really spiffy stitching of this blog's monochrome pattern of Princess Zelda in the past, and now she's stitched Link to match! To my knowledge, the pattern hadn't been stitched before, but if Shio's work is any indication, it makes for a really lovely finished project, which certainly isn't hurt by her choice of floss color or incredibly tidy stitches. A small image of her work is right below this text, but if you visit her blog, there's a really cute photo of the stitchings of Link and Zelda together that I definitely recommend taking a look at!
With both Flaffy and Shio's Link posted, I'm done blogging for the night, though I hope to be back with more patterns and cool photos soon! Until then, I hope all of you have started your weeks well and are doing nicely with all of your craft projects.


  1. Oh goodness.... how CUTE IS THAT???? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! I love it. :D

    And Link is very cute stitched up. :D

  2. flaffy- another pattern for my stitch list D:< is soadorable!! :3

    thnx for post my finished was so funny stitch link pattern, finally the cople is complete :D is navi (?)