Monday, November 14, 2011

Pokemon Monday #12: Giving My Own Drawings A Shot

Hello! Today, I don't plan on my post for Pokemon Monday being terribly long, since I don't feel like I have all that much to say, but I am excited about posting today's pattern! Even though it is of a Pokemon trainer, in keeping with today's theme, it's based on one of my own drawings rather than official art or images for the anime, meaning that it probably doesn't look as slick and tidy as usual. As far as posting a different style of pattern goes, however, I think that it should be sort of fun to stitch. The outlines are much heavier than usual, meaning that the finished product will have a different look, and the simple colors mean that it shouldn't be much trouble to stitch at all. I know that having been the one to make this pattern, I am biased towards it, but, at the very least, I hope you guys aren't annoyed by it! Here is today's pattern, featuring N looking dramatic and maybe not quite as anime as usual.

With today's pattern posted, I'm done for now, though I do have some photos of stitching that I've recently finished for a future post, as well as piles of nifty new patterns for all of you! I've just started the pattern I posted today, so I'm hoping to work on that quite a bit this week, but I hope that all of you have good luck with any crafts you've recently started, too.


  1. Wow, that's a really good picture of N! It looks almost like the concept art of him! I'm excited to stitch him!

  2. Ooooh, I like!!! and great illustration job too. :D

  3. hi ^ w ^

    first off, GREAT JOB~!
    you are so talented.

    secondly...would you happen to have any patterns of the pokemon ABSOL? i would like to make a book cover for a friend, but....i've not found any patterns for this particular if you could help me out, that'd be great ^ w ^