Monday, November 28, 2011

Pokemon Monday 13: It's Absol, Lookin' Sassy!

Hello! Tonight I am posting a new Pokemon cross stitch chart, and, because the character was requested, it features Absol. I know that this is not an exciting way to start a post, but it is informative, so it seems like it could be much worse. After all, in this state of being stuck about what to say, I could just type and type for hours without actually saying anything, or start saying things that have nothing to do with this blog. Instead, however, I think I'll just move on to today's pattern!

As you may have guessed from reading the start of today's post and the title, today's Pokemon pattern is of Absol, which I have to admit is not a choice I would have made on my own. Once I started looking through screenshots and official artwork of the Pokemon, however, I decided that I liked it quite a bit more than I'd initially thought. In my head, I was picturing it from the trading card game, looking sort of evil with glowing red eyes, its face enveloped in shadow, and an attack that decimated my deck every time I tried to play against the girl who had it. After I got over that,  I was able to make a pattern that I was happy with, both because it makes Absol look like a Pokemon that is very frustrated with the idiocy of its peers and because I think that the way I cropped it makes it look cool. Here is the pattern, though, so you can judge it for yourself! Just remember, Absol is judging you, too.
Now that Absol is posted, I am going to leave for now and go work on filling in dates on a calendar, which should be just as exciting as it sounds. If I don't post again before then, however, Thursday is going to be the start of sprite patterns December, which I'm really looking forward to! Until then, I hope you had a nice day and are doing well with whatever crafty rubbish you might be working on.


  1. lol! I am gonna try and prevent it from being rubbish but cant really promise anything :) Looking forward to sprite month as I hope to do a few.

  2. Was looking for lilo and stitch/pokemon oshawott cross stitch designs and chanced upon your site. Very nice art work and sprites you made :)

    Would like to ask if you have seen or made and lilo and stitch patterns. Seems impossible to get them online >.<

  3. He's so kick ass!!! That look on his face is like "yeah... so?" LOL!!