Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Three Death Note Sprite Patterns, Starting Off a New Set

Hello! Almost a month ago, Kristine, over on the Dork Stitch Facebook page, requested some sprite patterns of Death Note characters. Seeing as I enjoyed Death Note, and had actually made an unposted sprite pattern for Misa last December, it should have taken me a couple of hours to start working on this pattern set and get a few of them posted. This afternoon, however, I got a comment from an anonymous reader asking about Sonic the Hedgehog patterns (which I plan to start working on tomorrow afternoon), thought about cross stitching Tails, and then thought, "Oh, hey! I should make those Death Note cross stitch patterns! That would be fun." I wish I could say that there was some sort of connection between the two subjects, such as Light's hair being the same color as Tails or something like that, but as far as I can tell, there was not whatsoever. Still, I have three Death Note sprite patterns for you guys today, so I hope you guys like them!

The first thing that I did when I started working on these tonight was to revamp Misa's sprite, since, in the year since I've been making these sprite patterns, I seem to have gotten a bit better at making them look like the characters they represent. After that, it took a great deal of concentration for me not to sit around and make three or four different sprites for her in different outfits, as the casts of Final Fantasy games often fall victim to, but I also ended up getting sprites done for Light and L. The sprite for L was far more difficult, since it was harder than I'd anticipated to pixel out such elaborate hair, but I'm pretty happy with how his shirt came out, and not as disappointed as I'd expected to be in the hair, either. Though 939 is listed for the majority of it, I think that it would look nice if all of his hair was stitched in black, too. I just did it the way that it's charted because that's how I eventually plan to stitch it. Light's pattern was less challenging, since the set of Ouran Host Club patterns taught me quite a bit about how to effectively draw boys' school uniforms on a small scale, but it was still quite fun to make. His hair is very tidy, which I have no reason to complain about, and I thought giving him an apple would be a nice touch, too. Regardless of all of that unnecessary behind-the-scenes chatter, however, here are three Death Note sprite patterns, ready to cross stitch or perler bead or whatever you'd like!
With those three patterns posted, I think that I'm done for tonight, though I plan to have a few more Death Note characters (and a few alternate outfits) all patterned up in the near future! Until then, however, I plan to keep working on requests, doing other patterns that none of you asked for or wanted, and blogging about all of the lovely crafts you guys make from the patterns that end up posted here! I'm headed off to bed now, but I hope that your weeks have gone well so far and keep going as nicely as possible.

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  1. Oh wow - those go straight on to my to-stitch list! Yay!