Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sprite Pattern December Day 4: Nichijou Cross Stitch Patterns and A Reader's Sailor Moon Keychains

Hello! I'm here to post another day of Sprite Patterns December, which today features two characters from the very cute Nichijou, as requested by Kamryn! Since I don't know too much about this anime, other than what I've been told and what I learned from Google, it's difficult for me to go on about this as long as I do about most of the things that I post. I really enjoyed making these patterns, though, so I hope that they're identifiable! Next to the xxxHolic patterns from yesterday, they look sort of small, but it was nearly as challenging to get them to look right. Both Mio and Professor, who are the characters for today, had hair tails over their ears, and while this looks nice in anime, it looked rather odd when done as normal pixels. Because of that, I ended up using some backstitching in their hair, just to get that detail well represented. If you want to use them for perler beads, though, I think that they would still look nice without that extra stitching.

Now that today's patterns are posted, I have another day's worth of reader stitching to show you from Kristine, who was recently featured for her nifty use of the Pokemon sprite patterns to make a cute guest towel and bookmark set! Since finishing that, she stitched every one of the Sailor Moon sprite patterns to make a fancy set of keychains, complete with rings and felt backing carefully selected to match each and every character. I have to recommend that you visit her blog, Kristine's Random Stitches, for the full effect of this project, both because she finished her post with a massive stitching of her own design that's really pretty and because, with the cats, I only made a pattern for Luna and she lists the floss colors for Diana and Artemis. For now, though, please enjoy these thumbnails of her hours upon hours worth of stitching!


This is only somewhat related to these photos, but in my stockpile of patterns, I have all of the Sailor Scouts in their school outfits, so if any of you want to see those patterns posted, let me know! It's sort of cool to have multiple versions of characters, which is why I made them, so if any of you want to stitch their non-magical outfits, I'd be glad to post them for you.

Well, I'm done with today's post, but I'm going to continue on with Sprite Patterns December tomorrow! Since it's Monday, I think that I'm going to try for some Pokemon patterns, but since I'm not sure which trainers they'll be of yet, there's still an element of surprise available. If you have any character requests for this month, let me know and I'll do my best to fill them, and if you do any sort of craft with the patterns featured here, I'd love to feature your work in one of these posts! Until then, I hope that you guys finish your weekends nicely and do well with all of your crafty endeavors!


  1. Oh goodness, I love the patterns for Mio and Professor!!! It'll be my first time cross stitching any of your sprite patterns, and I'm super excited!! ^.^ Ooh, and making key chains is brilliant! :o

  2. Oh, how cute are those keychains???!!!!!

  3. Wow they're really cool, glad to see more Nichijou stuff, thanks for sharing! <3 Hoping to try this with perler beads