Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 1: Final Fantasy X's Partial Cast

Hello! In the last year, this blog has gotten tons of new followers and readers, for which I am very grateful. However, this means that many of you were not around to witness the horror that was last year's event known as "Sprite Patterns December." Every day for the entire month (except for my attempt to cheat that led a technical error that ended in two posts going up on Christmas Eve), I posted one or more cross stitch sprite patterns every day, since I enjoy making them and they're easy for people to make as gifts for either themselves or their friends. It was a very bloody affair, where bodies stacked up like blocks in a puzzle game as I sat at my computer desk, so consumed by the desire to create familiar characters from pop culture out of old Sega RPG graphics that I had no qualms about destroying all who stood in my way as I chased my terrifying dreams.* However, I have decided that it is worth the risk to try this again, with 31 new days of sprite patterns and blog posts!

For today, I wasn't sure where to start in terms of picking characters and patterns to post, since I have a lot of them stockpiled, but since I've previously gotten requests for patterns of the cast of Final Fantasy X, I decided to start making patterns for those characters. It seemed like it would be fun both to make and stitch patterns of the characters, so, for today, I have them completed for Tidus, Yuna, and Auron. Of the three, I'm pretty sure that I did the best job on Yuna's pattern, and am actually looking forward to stitching it myself at some point. (I'm also quite proud of Auron's jug of liquor and unused sleeve, but that seems like a different story.) I think that all of them look like the characters they're meant to represent, though, even if it did lead to an overabundance of floss colors on a couple of them, so here are the first three cross stitch patterns of this December!
With those three patterns posted, it's now time to post some photos of finished work from Kristine, writer of Kristine's Random Stitches and one of this blog's readers, who's done piles of work with some of the sprite patterns, as well as one of a surfing Pikachu, that I posted over the past year! Her focus was Pokemon, which I can always admire, and she stitched a dozen motifs (with a few repeats) from this blog's patterns as a way of decorating bookmarks and guest towels for her home. Her nifty stitching and character organization make all three of her projects look bright and cheerful, and the Pokeball and Pikachu face motifs that she added are extremely cute and fit the rest of the projects perfectly! If you're interested in seeing full sized versions of these projects with Kristine's comments, visit her original post about them at this link. For now, however, here are some thumbnail images of her bookmarks and towel!
With all of the new patterns posted, alongside the awesome photos of Kristine's stitching, I'm done with the first day of sprite patterns December, but I'll be back tomorrow with some new sprite patterns to cross stitch and, as always, some more inane chatter! If there are any characters that you'd like to see as subjects of patterns this month, please let me know, since requests were part of what made last year's sprite patterns December so fun to work on. I'd also love to see and post about any of your finished work made from these patterns, if you'd like to be featured on here! I'm going to go work on patterns for tomorrow's post, but, until then, I hope that all of you are having a nice day.

*Note: No one was harmed at all during last year's sprite patterns December, and I actually lied about all of that gory stuff in the first paragraph. If that had been true, I would probably be rotting in jail instead of posting to this blog.


  1. So cool!! :)
    Looking forward to all the patterns!!

  2. Good luck making sprites for 31 days! I'm looking very forward to them.

    As for a request, how about some of the cast from xxxHolic? I'm sure Yuuko's fancy dresses would be great fun to pixel. :3

  3. Cool, you're doing the post a pattern every day thing again! I'd love to stich the Pokeball that's in the picture you posted

  4. Super excited about this month! ^.^ If it isn't too much trouble, might I request some characters from Nichijou? Such as Mio and Professor? =)

  5. Yay, I get to witness this year's gore fes-- I mean daily sprites! I'm looking forward to seeing them all~

    Loving these sprites; FFX is my favorite of the series. :D

  6. Yay! FFX is my favorite game and Auron is my favorite character. I'll be making all of them with Perler Beads. ^_^

  7. This is such an epically awesome idea! Excellent job on the sprites for today and I'm really looking forward to seeing what else you come up with this month :-)

  8. I am a day behind! Thats what I get for stock piling blog posts on reader :) I have a plan of what I want to stitch them on. Thanks for this and heres hoping I can keep up with you :)