Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 11: Metropolis's Maria and Freder

Hello! Last night I was up late watching movies on Netflix, so today, you guys have to deal with sort of a weird pattern. Tomorrow is a Pokemon Monday, though, so whatever damage I do today will be countered by the more standard subject of tomorrow's post!

Anyway, last night, I was watching Metropolis, the live action one rather than the anime one, which I also wouldn't mind making patterns from, with my sister and thought that it might be really cool to make some black and white sprite patterns for my collection of cross stitched standees. Even though they would look sort of out of place, they'd still be accurate to the source material, so it seemed like it could be interesting to have a pattern of that sort of thing to stitch. Because I got the idea while watching Metropolis, I decided that my test subjects for the project would be Maria and Freder, two of the characters from the movie. I think that, as patterns, at least, they ended up looking nice enough, though I still have to cross stitch them and see how that turns out, while my sister plans to perler bead them like they were on tinted film. If you'd like to give this project a shot, too, here is the pattern of the two of them!
With that pattern posted and ready to be used for some sort of craft project, I think that I've done enough for today, but I'll be posting again tomorrow and actually have quite a lot planned for next week, patterns-wise. Sprite Patterns December may be a third of the way done, but I haven't totally lost focus yet!

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  1. This is such a neat concept! I've yet to watch Metropolis, but it's been on my to-watch list a while now. Maybe this will be the appropriate motivation :-)