Monday, December 12, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 12: Two New Pokemon Trainer Sprites

Hello! Today is another Pokemon Monday here at Dork Stitch, and since it coincides with Sprite Patterns December, today's post includes two new sprite style cross stitch patterns of Pokemon characters! Sure, the characters for today are Todd (not Snap, even if 4Kids did sneak in and redub his episodes) and Professor Oak, so it may not be the most exciting two characters in the world, but I think the patterns worked well and should be fun to stitch! Plus, it's always spiffy to have characters from the original Pokemon stuff, rather than more recent ones. Regardless of all that chatter, though, here are today's patterns, ready for you to stitch or bead!

With today's patterns posted, it's time to feature a bit of reader work, today from Caity of the brand new cross stitching blog Scrbblr! Her blog already has a lot of nifty stuff on it, including a how-to-stitch tutorial and original patterns, so I recommend checking it out. However, she also stitched this blog's sprite pattern of Sailor Venus onto a lovely bright purple iPhone case! Her stitching looks great on the non-traditional fabric, and the purple is a great match to Sailor Venus's yellows. If you'd like to see a full-sized image of Caity's work, go visit it on her blog, which is linked earlier in this paragraph. For now, though, please enjoy this thumbnail of her lovely and tech-friendly stitching!
I think that I'm done with today's post here at Dork Stitch, but will be back tomorrow with yet another day of this rubbish! I'm not yet quite sure what sort of patterns I'll be posting, but hopefully, they'll be fun for at least some of you reading!

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