Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 13: The Cast of Cowboy Bebop

Hello! This morning, a little after I got up, I got a phone call asking how quickly I could be in to sub for a science class at the high school. I threw all of my stuff together, got to the school in about five minutes, and gathered all of the keys and attendance sheets that I needed to get through the day successfully. When I got down to the classroom, however, the regular teacher was just sitting at his desk. As it turned out, there had been a system error with substitute assignment, and no one had checked to see if he was really gone or not.

Anyway, today is day 13 of Sprite Patterns December here at Dork Stitch, and I just felt like I ought to tell that story. For today, however, I have the fruits of my post-briefly walking up and down a hallway labor to post, with six cross stitch patterns featuring the cast of Cowboy Bebop! I probably should have posted them this afternoon, but once I finished making them, I was really tired of being online, so I just decided to save it for tonight. These patterns were fun to make, though, and they should be fun to stitch, too! The only problem I ran into is that Jet requires a lot of detail stitching, like half cross stitches and mid-square backstitching, so he is not entirely suitable for perler beading or stitching onto plastic canvas, though I'm sure most of you could figure something out if you needed to make him in one of those mediums. Everyone else is relatively standard, though, so I hope that you enjoy these charts!
Now that I've gotten that set of patterns finished and posted, it's time to feature some reader work, coming to us tonight from perler bead melter extraordinaire Auron's Girl!  She e-mailed me two lovely photos featuring eight bead sprites based on this blog's sprite patterns, and all of them look really excellent. I do wonder if, in the first photo underneath this paragraph, Sheldon would complain about being photographed with Auron and Yuna from Final Fantasy X, since he says in the episode where he and Leonard get robbed that they only have Final Fantasies I through IX (I was actually watching that episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight when I got Auron's Girl's e-mail, so it really amused me), but all three of them look great nonetheless. Her perlering of the Inner Senshi from Sailor Moon also looks excellent, with some of the best organization I've seen in a perler bead photo. Rather than just continue to write about these pieces, though, I suppose that I'll actually post the photos now!
With all of that stuff posted, I am finished here at Dork Stitch for tonight, but I'll be back tomorrow with some new spiffy sprite patterns! Until then, I hope that all of you are having nice weeks and doing well with your preparation for the holidays.


  1. I was watching The Big Bang Theory while making Sheldon. He just kind of got grouped in with Auron and Yuna. Lol Poor guy.

    Right now he's sitting in my Christmas tree.

  2. Oh sheeeesh!!! What a horrible mistake they made. That sucks. :(

    Love the melter sprites... ROFL at Sheldon!!

  3. The sailor moon spirits looks really cool

  4. could you make a Rinoa and Angelo one using the base of Ed and Ein? I would greatly appreciate it. I tried making one and Angelo kept coming out funny.

  5. I'm so happy that Ein is in the pattern with Ed! They are all so cute and I can't wait to make them!

  6. They go on my list.
    Straight on my list!