Friday, December 2, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 2: More of the Death Note Cast

Hello! It is the second day of sprite patterns December here at Dork Stitch, and, seeing as I am starting to write this at 11:20pm in my time zone, it seems that I will have to write this post quickly! I was quite busy today, since I subbed for high school history classes, got a haircut, and put up the Christmas tree with my family, so I'm not sure this is too bad. Later in the month, there'll come a time when I don't have these excuses, but for today, I don't feel bad about putting this off until the last 40 minutes.

As today's post title indicates, the sprite patterns for today include a few cast members from Death Note, who today include Matt, Near, and Mello. I was a little concerned about making these patterns, since I was sure I'd screw them up, but in the end, I think it ended up being all right! I'm especially pleased with how Near came out, as my first version of him looked like a shapeless white blob. Once I started to go in and add some shading and experiment with different details, though, I think that I got a nifty result. Matt's fuzzy vest was fun to pixel, too, even if it is slightly too beige. Regardless of all of that, though, I hope that you guys like stitching or perlering or whatever craft you prefer with these new cross stitch patterns! I'm hoping to do a few more Death Note characters in the future, too, so hopefully, that works out.
Since I still have time to spare in terms of finishing today's post, I have some work to feature from friend-of-the-blog Kamryn! As you may have noticed, she's stitched the Clannad patterns that I've posted here quickly, nicely, and in a variety of interesting ways, and today's photo from her is no exception. For her latest project, she stitched the faux fighting game sprite pattern of Tomoyo onto a bag, and it looks really nifty! At first, I thought, "Oh, that looks pretty nice," but as I thought about it, I remembered stitching King of Fighters sprites onto perforated plastic canvas, and then imagined what it would have been like stitching them with waste canvas. Since I basically imagined stabbing myself in the finger with a needle several times and trying to rip the details of Mai Shiranui's kimono out of the fabric of a tote bag without ruining the aforementioned waste fabric, it gave me a new respect for Kamryn's work. It looks cool and I recommend that you look at it, too.
With both of those sections of the post done, I've just finished today's blogging with twenty minutes to spare! I'm fairly certain that, rather than a coherent blog post, I've produced a mass of crazy ramblings, but since that's not too different from what I usually have here, I'm not too worried about it. I'll be back with a new post tomorrow, so thank you for reading today's!

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