Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 20: Cross Stitch Patterns of Robotech Characters

Hello! I'm not sure how long it's really been since I've done a blog post in the afternoon, but it seems like it's been quite a few days. I can't really think of any reason why posting now would be better than at night, other than the fact that I feel more awake and am not hurrying to get finished before midnight. It does seem like this is quite a bit nicer, though, so maybe I should have actually done a big and nifty set of patterns for today.

As it is, I'm pretty happy with today's three new sprite patterns, though I'm not sure that anyone else will care! Over the weekend, I finished watching the first part of Robotech, the Macross episodes, and though I could go on and on typing meaningless things about the show, easily filling pages worth of blog text, I decided that I wanted to make a set of cross stitch standees to match the characters, which meant that I needed to make some patterns. I'd already made a couple of patterns of the pilots, and had even stitched one of them, which is a better start than I usually have, so I worked on a few more of them until Paint.NET decided to get uncooperative and start freezing my computer. After all of that, I ended up with three completed patterns to post here today, featuring Rick, Lisa, and Minmei. (I do realize that some of these characters had different names in Japan, but as with Sailor Moon, I watched the show dubbed, so their English names are getting used whether you like it or not.) I plan to get all of these stitched pretty soon, which makes the fact that I've already gotten one done useful, so I hope that some of you guys like them, too!

Since I just went and posted all of that nonsense, I'm done for today, though, as it has been for the last several posts, I'll be back tomorrow with more blog posting and more nifty sprite patterns! I have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to make for tomorrow, unless I get an urgent request, which is always fun, too, so I'm hoping it works out well. Until then, though, have a nice day!

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