Friday, December 23, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 23: Chrono Cross Patterns, Set 3

Hello! Today I've been typing words with the letters in the wrong order and forgetting to switch from Pattern Maker to Word Pad when I want to transcribe the keys for my patterns, so I think that, for today, I am going to save everyone a lot of trouble and keep this post short. I have, however, done three new Chrono Cross sprite patterns, after yesterday's relative success, so I hope they prove to be sort of cool! I'm already getting a bit stuck as to what order I should post them in, but today, it seemed logical to start on the two branches you can pick when the game asks you if you'd like to save Kid after she gets poison-knifed in the guts or not. Today's cross stitch patterns are of the party members you get if you say that you will try to help her, so you guys have to deal with Razzly, Mel, and Korcha. I thought that Korcha would end up looking really rubbish when I started, and while it's not my favorite pattern in the set so far, I think that I at least avoided that. I think that Mel ended up looking really cute, though, and am considering running off to stitch her when I'm done posting here. If you'd like to judge for yourselves, however, here are today's patterns!

With the patterns posted and ready to stitch, I now have some perler bead work to show off from reader and crafter OtakuLuka, who can be found at her homepage on Deviant Art! If you remember my feature about her from earlier in the month, you'll recall that she made some lovely perler bead versions of several of the sprite patterns from this blog, with Death Note and Ouran Host Club being her subjects of choice. Last week, however, she continued her set of Ouran Host Club perlers with lovely renditions of Tamaki and Renge! For this blog, I have some small photos of her work, but if you'd like to see some larger photos and her other spiffy perler pieces, visit her homepage that I linked to above!

I'm out of stuff to write about for now, so I guess that means that today's blog post is over! I'm not sure what I'll be writing about tomorrow, but I will be posting something or other then, which I look forward to. Until then, have a nice Friday!

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