Monday, December 26, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 26: A Very Brief Pokemon Monday and a Photo of a Spiffy Finish

Hello! I feel a little out of steam in regards to today's blog post, which is probably because I was dumb enough to stay up until 1:30 last night, playing King of Fighters XIII, so I only have one sprite pattern for today. Like I said last night, though, I plan to start a set of Naruto sprite patterns, and since I got tons of requests for characters, it should be fun to work on! I won't be able to do all of them on the first day, and in the interest of getting a good sized set done, I'll probably end up working on it past December. All of that is a bit immaterial today, though, since this is a Pokemon Monday! I've been doing a lot of stuff from the older anime episodes this month, since that tends to be what I like best, but today, I wanted to do something related to the newer games. Because of that, I sat around and looked at all of the characters, trying to figure out which one to make, but ended up picking Elesa, since she was brightly colored and had those weird Chobits/Vocaloid ear things that seemed like they'd make her easily recognizable. I'm not sure how successful that was, though it's certainly good enough for my stitching purposes, but here is Elesa's sprite pattern, so you can decide for yourself!
Now that I've gotten that posted, it's time to write about some extremely cute keychains that were stitched by Kamryn, who some of you may remember from all of the Clannad patterns she's made! Earlier in the month, I did two sprite patterns of characters from Nichijou at her request, and she stitched them quickly and as niftily as ever. Both Mio and Professor look really nice in keychain form, and I'm impressed by just how close she cut the plastic to her actual stitching! If I tried that, I'd end up mildly depressed and holding a cross stitch of some character from an SNK fighter with her head dangling by a thread. I've also been told that these were backed by felt, which is cool, too. Anyway, here is the photo of Kamryn's work!
I think that I'm done with all of this rubbish for today, but I'll be back tomorrow with more sprite patterns and more massive blocks of text! There's only a few days of sprite patterns December left, so I'm hoping they keep going well!

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