Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 29: More Naruto and Yapping About My Own Stitching

Hello! Today I sat down to work on another group of patterns for the Naruto set, and though I originally intended to sit and work on ones that people had requested, it seemed to me that, before I got too far, I should probably make the three main characters. I am not sure if anyone wants to make them, and to be fair, it isn't like anyone requested characters like "the one guy in the sweater who pops up in the background of the fourth episode of the fifth story arc and says hi to that one chick," and before anyone points it out to me, I do realize that the person who I just described probably isn't actually a character. For the sake of this set of patterns, however, it seemed like it might be a nice idea to have the titular character and the rest of his team available for anyone that wants to stitch them. The patterns for Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura are the simplest in the set so far, since there's no backstitching on any of the sprites, but I think that they still look fairly detailed and are recognizable as the characters that they're supposed to be. Here are all three of them, for your cross stitching or perler beading pleasure. (Don't worry, I'll be back to requests in the next set of these.)

With those three patterns posted, I feel like I should have something else exciting to type about here, but instead, I'm going to post about stuff that I just finished and am working on, because that seems like the thing to do. The other day, I completed another one of Gatchacaz's Pokedex 3D AR markers, which can be found on her lovely stitching blog, but this one is much fancier than the last two were. I used a pattern from a needlepoint book for each stitch, to blow it up to four times the size of the previous ones, and stitched it in craft thread to guarantee that enough of the fabric would get covered for the 3DS to read it. Since the thread was a bit heavy, the fabric got a little warped, but luckily, the machine still recognized it, giving me an AR card for Oshawott! Here's the photo from the game (taken with a floss bobbin in frame, to give an idea of the size) and a scan of my finished stitching by itself in case you're curious, awkwardly edited together in Paint.NET.
Now that I have that done, I'm planning to start a rather large project tonight, which is the other thing I wanted to write about! As some of you may have seen in my IHSW photos, I really like cross stitching sprites from fighting games, but I wanted to try and make something that was really unnecessarily elaborate, since it seemed like it could be fun. After a bit of deliberation, I decided to work on a sprite of Noel Vermillion from Blazblue, which has a few over 30 colors and will measure 22 inches tall when complete. It's more ambitious than any of the ones I've made before, so I might post WIP photos on here in order to keep on track with it, but I think it'll be cool! Here's the sprite that I'm using for the pattern, as a frame of reference for what's going on when I post a photo of the stitched corner of her skirt in a few days.
Now that I've done all of that typing, I'm done for today, but will be back tomorrow with more patterns and more chatter, which should be fun! Have a nice evening and good luck stitching!


  1. With the main three here I'll throw in another request, this time for Kakashi!

  2. Yes, must have Kakashi! I already know I'll be stitching this whole set for my sis, who was a Naruto freak for quite a long time & secretly still is :D
    Thanks for making them - and I am REALLY looking forward to your WIP pics!