Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 3: Two Characters from xxxHolic

Hello! I was a little worried that today's post for Sprite Patterns December here at Dork Stitch would be too close to yesterday's, since I posted so late, but it's been more than 12 hours since the last post, so I'm not doing too badly! For today's post, as was suggested by Queen Petra of Drama of the Queen, I have two new sprite patterns, featuring Yuko and Himawari from xxxHolic. Both of them are a bit larger than the standard sprite patterns, since I wanted them to look as much like the anime's character designs as possible, which involved making sure that they had longer arms and legs than usual. They're also a little more detailed than some of these patterns tend to be, too, since I think the tiny and detailed parts of the illustrations are what makes Clamp's stuff look really spiffy, with Yuko's dress and corresponding butterfly wings being full of tiny details that should be fun to stitch and Himawari's hair having proved a slight challenge to pixel. I was pretty happy with how both of these came out, though, and probably wouldn't have posted them otherwise, so I hope that you guys like them, too!
With those two patterns posted, it's time to move on to photos of finished work from a reader, with today's artist in question being the prolific perler beader OtakuLuka of Deviant Art! Her entire gallery is full of really nice perler work, with Pokemon, Vocaloid, My Little Pony, and even Tetris fairly represented, but she's made cool looking versions of some of this blog's Death Note and Ouran Host Club sprite patterns! The colors in all four of them are expertly chosen, with Ouran Host Club's Kaoru and Hikaru looking particularly nice in blue and orange, and her beading is exceptionally accurate, too! If you'd like to visit her entire gallery and wish her a happy birthday (which Deviant Art says is today), OtakuLuka and her gallery can be found at the link that I listed above! For now, though, I hope you enjoy these smaller photos of her perlers of L, Light, Honey, Kaoru, and Hikaru!

Now that I've posted all of that, I'm done with yet another day of Sprite Patterns December, but I'll be back tomorrow with more patterns and maybe some new photos of finished work, too! Until then, however, I hope that you're having good weekends and a particularly nice Saturday!


  1. Oooh, I really like today's sprites. Nice details in the wings and kimono, and Himawari's hair looks super fluffy! :-)

  2. Eee, I love them! Yuuko's dress is very pretty, and I htink you did a great job with Himawari's hair. ^^