Friday, December 30, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 30: 3 New Robotech Cross Stitch Patterns and Some Other Stuff

Hello! For today's post here at Dork Stitch, I decided to take a break from the current set of Naruto patterns, which I should have one or two more of tomorrow, and post a few more sprites in my set of Robotech patterns. I'd like to eventually have the entire cast of the Macross storyline charted and stitched for my set of cross stitch standees, so today's three patterns, featuring Max, Miriya, and the suspiciously 70s looking Lynn Kyle, the last of which I made because I was going to have to eventually if I wanted to finish the entire cast, aren't the end of the set, though I'm not sure how many more of these I'll actually post. It isn't exactly the most in-demand set of patterns I've ever worked on, but I think they're fun to make, so I hope that some of you guys like these, too!

My next order of business for today's post is to write about a very cool piece of reader work from the lovely Tiki of the cross stitching blog Tiki Stitches! She's been working on the patterns of the Big Bang Theory cast that were posted here earlier in the month, and, as of her last posting, had Sheldon and Penny finished and looking very nice! For the sake of this blog, I have a thumbnail image of her work that, coincidentally, looks like it would make a fantastic bookmark, though I'm not sure Penny would love being stuck on it with Sheldon, but if you visit Tiki's blog, linked above there's both of them in a bigger image to behold, a WIP of Leonard, and tons of detailed and pretty stitching that she's always posting about!
Since I just got done with all of the normal stuff to write about for today, I should probably quit, but instead, I have my first WIP photo of Noel, the sprite I was writing about yesterday, to post! I decided that if I add at least one length of floss to her every day, I'll make some sort of steady progress on the project, even if it is slow, so right now, the project is a blob of bright blue in the middle of a piece of fabric. It's a very lovely blue splotch, though, so here it is! Hopefully, by the time I post tomorrow, it'll be either slightly larger or more detailed.
I'm done posting here for today, but I'll be back tomorrow for the last day of Sprite Patterns December with a couple of new Naruto charts! That certainly won't be the end of my sprite patterns, though I'll be glad to get back to working on portrait patterns and stuff again, too, so I'll keep going with all of this rubbish into 2012. Until tomorrow, though, I hope you guys have a good evening and prepare for New Year's Eve with a minimum of stress!

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  1. The Big Band characters look really nice! Wishing you happy and stitchy year!