Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sprite Patterns December Day 8: More School Uniform Wearing Sailor Scouts

Hello! After last night's rushed post, which featured seven cross stitch patterns of characters from The Big Bang Theory, in case you missed it, it feels like there hasn't been enough time between that and today's post! For today, however, I can relax a little more, since I'm not trying to put together an entire blog entry in 10 minutes, which ought to be sort of nice. For today, as I'd previously promised, I have three more patterns of the cast of Sailor Moon in their school uniforms. Today's subjects are Amara, Michelle, and Hotaru, since their school uniforms match, which made it easy to type in the color key for each of the patterns. The next post of these will be of the characters who don't have matching outfits, so it's a short-lived luxury. I like how these three patterns came out, though, so I hope that those of you who are following the Sailor Moon sprite pattern sets like them, too!

Since today's new patterns are posted and ready to cross stitch (or bead, or whatever you choose), it's time to move on to some reader work, coming to us today from Boogirl2120 at Abby Universe! She decided to make the sprite pattern of Vocaloid Meiko that was posted here last Christmas, but, rather than cross stitching it, she made it into a crocheted patch! The result is really cute, and looks quite well made, too, and the blue and yellow that she used in lieu of Meiko's standard red and white is very nice as well! If you'd like to see a larger image of Meiko, as well as some of Boogirl2120's other crocheted patches, you should visit her blog, which I linked to earlier in this paragraph. For here, however, here is a small photo of her crocheted Vocaloid!
With that posted, I should probably just quit while I'm still ahead, but instead, I also have a photo of some of the sprite patterns I've made lately. All of them are cut out as standees and displayed like a class photo again, and though the untrimmed versions of a few of them were posted a couple of Hermit and Stitch Weekends ago, most of them are new to this blog. If you'd like the patterns for any of the ones that I haven't posted here yet, let me know and I'll get them up here in the next few days, but for now, please enjoy this slightly blurry photo, with a list of characters immediately following.
Front Row (left to right): Leena (Chrono Cross), Leonard (The Big Bang Theory, pattern in this post), Kula (The King of Fighters)
Second Row: Excel and Hyatt (Excel Saga)
Third Row: Spike (Cowboy Bebop), Renge (Ouran Host Club, pattern in this post), Jin (Tekken, pattern in this post)
Fourth Row: Etna and Flonne (both from Disgaea, Etna's pattern in this post)

I think that I'm out of things to post for today, but I'm going to be back with some new sprite patterns tomorrow night, since I'll be subbing during the day, and am hoping both to see more spiffy reader work and stitch some more of these sprites for my own shallow purposes! Until then, however, I hope that all of you are having nice Thursdays and doing well with your crafting!


  1. Ooooh, cute crochet. I'm always so floored by people who crochet or knit. :)

    Love the sprites... I never tire of seeing them. :D

  2. Keep up the great sprites! It's enjoyable to see what will be posted the next day. :3

  3. Spike! I hope that pattern gets posted soon, I love that show and I love your sprite patterns. Any chance of seeing the rest of the cast as well?

  4. Yay, for more awesome patterns! I love seeing your work as well, they look amazing grouped together like that :-)

  5. Yaaa for Excel saga , and the host club i love those animes , all the sprites look really good , good job ^.^

  6. As always amazing! Not fancy doing some Yu-Gi-Oh sprites? My brother (who's 23 by the way) still plays the card game! Trying to find a couple sprites to stitch for his x-mas card! He'd go nuts!