Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cross Stitch Patterns of the Two Lead Characters From The Artist- Well, At Least I'll Stitch Them

Hello! I am pretty sure that it is a bad idea for me to be posting to this blog right now. Earlier in the evening, I was commenting on people's blogs, and on two occasions, I closed the window before typing in the captcha code to verify that I'm not some robot hell-bent on telling people that their cross stitching is pretty and then wondered why my comment wouldn't post. Luckily, Blogger auto-saves comments, but the whole thing is not a good sign in regards to my thought processes this evening. Just a few minutes ago, however, I finished a really cool new pair of sprite patterns, featuring George and Peppy, the two main characters from The Artist, and wanted to post them before I lost my enthusiasm, so here I am! I saw The Artist this morning and really enjoyed it, so I thought that it would be fun to try and make patterns of the characters. It may be this blog's second set of sprite patterns based on characters from a silent film, which is probably excessive, but I like using the black and white thread palette and wanted to see if I could successfully represent a flapper dress and a mustache. (I think that I succeeded, but, unfortunately, my sprite of George looks nothing like Jean Dujardin.) Plus, I had a Black Swan pattern last year, so it seems like doing this was more than fair. Before I've chatted on about this for too long, though, here is the pattern!
I imagine that I'll be stitching this very soon, so I'll be able to say how it works out before too long, but I think that when I do make this, I'll use two strands of DMC 310 for the backstitching in black. It might not be quite standard, but I think that it'll make Peppy's skirt look nicer and make the details on George's tuxedo stand out more.

Anyway, at this point in my blog posts, I usually have a WIP photo for my current big project, but I've been stitching a cute and colorful ocean sampler for the past couple of days, so I don't actually have one. My attention span isn't very good, but I will have about 15 fish and a boat to show for it very soon, so setting Noel aside isn't a complete loss. I also went through all of the comments on here and on the Dork Stitch Facebook page to catalog all of the pattern requests I've gotten, so I'm going to get to work on a lot of those pretty soon, too. It's probably not evident that I did that from the contents of tonight's post, but they're all tidily written out in a glittery Sanrio notebook, so you guys can rest assured that all of this is being handled with the utmost professionalism. Before I get going on them, though, I do have to ask about which Bleach characters you guys would like to see. I got a general request for Bleach sprite patterns a while back, but the cast is so big that, even though I'm a bit more familiar with the characters than I am with the Naruto ones, it's difficult to decide where to start. The other day, though, I thought about it and think that I figured out a solution to backstitching Renji's eyebrows, so there's always that.

After all of that typing and rubbish, I think that I should probably take my leave of this blog for the evening, but I hope that all of you are doing well and have a nice rest of your weekend!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Two Requested Sprite Patterns of Girls in Blue

Hello! Today, I don't really have that much to post, but after reading all of the nice comments left here over my International Hermit and Stitch Weekend for the month, which I really appreciated, and visiting a ton of other blogs for the event myself, I feel very enthusiastic about doing some sort of blogging. I do, however, have two patterns that were requested by RebelAngelRin last week all finished and ready to go, though, so I do have some sort of excuse to write here. The two characters from this request are Mint, from Tokyo Mew Mew, in her waitress outfit, and Misty, from Pokemon, in her gym leader outfit from the Gold/Silver games. Both of them were a bit difficult to do, but I think that both of them ended up being recognizable and ought to be fun to stitch. In Mint's case, I tried to keep as many aspects of her color scheme from her magical girl outfit intact as I possibly could, which I think turned out pretty well, while the Misty pattern was different enough from her Pokemon cartoon one that I wasn't quite as worried about that sort of thing with her. Their outfits were both interesting to pixel, too, with Misty's jacket providing a bit of difficulty, even though I think it worked in the end, and Mint's heart shaped apron being the most difficult point of that design. Without any further typing, though, here are today's two patterns!

Now that I have today's two patterns posted, I have another entirely unnecessary photo of my work on Noel, a cross stitched version of a sprite from the fighting game BlazBlue, to post, with her not looking very different than she did when I posted one on Sunday! Most of what I've done was filling in the light bluish gray spot at the front of her dress, which isn't too visible, but on a positive note, I did get the skin on this page stitched in this morning, which is at least not blue. I was sort of hoping to get her page that I'm working on done by the end of the month, and it's starting to look like I'll be able to do it!
With those two things all written about and posted, I guess that I'm done here for today, though I plan to go through all of the comments I've gotten and write down a list of requested patterns, both for sprite patterns and more detailed portrait patterns! I might be slow about getting them done, but if you have any pattern requests, I'll do my best to get them filled and posted, since it's sort of fun to see if I can make what you guys ask about. I'm also planning on doing a post of featured work from this blog's patterns at the start of February, and I already know of tons of cool stuff that I get to write about, including a DeviantArt user who, at last count, did perler versions of over a dozen of the sprite patterns! It won't be too long until I'm back here and typing more nonsense, but, until then, have a nice day!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

IHSW January 2012- Three Photos of Stitchings of Girls who Kick People in Video Games

Hello! It's Sunday night at the end of an International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, as hosted by Joyzse of the blog Random Ramblings, so, since I'm going to be subbing for a math class tomorrow, I thought that I'd do a quick blog post to sum up my stitching for the weekend now! I didn't do any of the hermit stuff at all, seeing as I went and watched two of my siblings at a six hour Scholastic Bowl tournament on Saturday and went to see Haywire today,  but I feel like I was pretty productive with my stitching anyway, and on more than one project. Part of that is because I dragged my folder of sprite patterns to the Scholastic Bowl tournament, allowing me to work on my plastic canvas sheet of fighting game characters. I'm not very fast about making them, but I was there for long enough that I finished one I'd started on Friday and got two more completely made. My process in making them was not terribly interesting, so instead of typing two much about the three sprites, here are the photos!
These two sprites are of Kyo (in gray), from the King of Fighters games, and Talim (in poofy shorts) from Soul Calibur, both of whom were stitched during the morning hours.
This poor sprite, though, stuck in her own image because she started a new row (she's actually the 7th on the sheet, which I'll post all of when I'm done with it), is B. Jenet from Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves. I actually quite like this one, since she's the first of my sprites with a tattoo, but she's really not that complicated, either.

The other half of my stitching for the weekend was my continued work on my giant, non-simplified fighting game sprite, featuring Noel from the BlazBlue games. I really didn't think that I'd get any of her stitched this weekend, but a steady stream of television, including reruns of The Big Bang Theory, the middle hour of Inglorious Basterds (which I've seen enough times to not be bothered by watching the middle hour), an episode of Once Upon a Time, and The Trip, which my family watched on Netflix, allowed me to work on her quite a bit! The page of the pattern that I'm working on is covered in colored pencil scribbles, marking off the pages that I've finished, and I think that the ruffles of her skirt are really starting to look like they fit the overall image. Here is a slightly crooked and poorly lit photo of my project as it currently stands, though, so you can see it for yourself!
With that, I think that I'm done with about everything for tonight, since I'm really tired and ought to go to bed. I hope that the rest of you had productive IHSWs, though, and am about to go see some of the other people who have already posted! I'll be back with a more normal post very soon, but until then, good night!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sprite Patterns of Pokemon Girls That Are of Some Relation to Koga

Hello! It's been a long time since I last posted here, since I didn't feel my best last week, but today, I'm hoping to get back to blogging normally! I have two new patterns and some totally self-serving photos of my own work for today, and am hoping to make yet more patterns and do a dedicated features post pretty soon, too, which doesn't seem like such a bad plan as far as getting back to blogging goes.

Before I go any further, I also want to say in response to an anonymous comment, which I'm pretty sure is from the person that I sort of labeled as Pokemon Trainer in my head, Pokemon Mondays have stopped here lately. I really like making Pokemon patterns, since they're fun to work on and I enjoy stitching them, but making them every Monday ended up not being much fun at all, since I'd get a bit stressed out on Sundays about making patterns for it that were good enough to post and of interesting subjects. Since this made me kind of hate Pokemon Mondays, I decided to scale back and just post Pokemon patterns when I made them or when people requested them. Even though this will cut the number of Pokemon patterns here by a bit, I think that, as a whole, what does get posted will be spiffier, so I hope that it works out.

With that said, today's post does feature two new Pokemon-themed sprite patterns, one of which was requested by NinjaWarriorTenten! Somewhat appropriately, she asked after a sprite pattern of Janine, Koga's daughter who runs the Fuchsia City Gym in Pokemon Gold/Silver. It was a fun pattern to make, especially trying to get her scarf to look neat, but when I first read the request, I imagined Aya from the TV show, who was Koga's sister that ran around in a hot pink dress and tried to kill the main characters with traps and stuff. The reasonable thing to do probably would have been to just forget about that and focus on the pattern of Janine, but instead, as a part of my plan to make all of the minor characters from the Pokemon anime, I ended up doing patterns of both of them. I hope that you enjoy stitching these brightly colored ninja girls!
With those posted, I guess I'll type about my stitching rubbish for a while, though it's not very exciting. My giant cross stitch project, of Noel from BlazBlu, sort of got ignored while I wasn't feeling great, though I have gotten a little more done on her. It's not as much as I probably should have stitched, but either way, here is today's WIP photo! I'm hoping to get quite a bit more done over the next few days, since it's one of Joyzse's International Hermit and Stitch Weekends.
What I have worked a lot on lately, though, are my dinky sprite patterns, with my Robotech set of them finally complete! I still need to post the patterns for Claudia and Roy, if any of you guys are interested in stitching these, too, but here's with the complete set looks like, before being cut out as standees.
With this done, I've started in on a new sheet of plastic canvas for these, dedicating the whole thing to characters from fighting games. I have three sprites out of eighteen that'll fit stitched so far, so I have quite a bit more to go, but so far, it's fun! I'm making a ton of new patterns for it, too, several of which will probably never be posted, unless you guys are also excited about the prospect of stitching a miniature version of Ryoko from World Heroes. If there are any fighting game characters that you'd like to see as sprite patterns, though, let me know and I'll try my best to make them! If I'm going to be making the patterns anyway, I might as well see if there are any requests while I'm at it, right?

I think that I'm done posting here for now, but I hope to be back soon with more patterns, since I have a list of requests to get through and am always taking more alongside all of the stuff that I make otherwise, and some extremely spiffy features on work from readers! Until then, though, I hope that all of you are having nice Thursdays and good luck with your own stitching!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Brief Post For a Semi-New Black Butler Pattern

Hello! Today, most of the stuff that I'm doing on the computer is taking a lot more effort than usual, since I keep doing things incorrectly and wondering why this computer doesn't like that very well, so my post for this afternoon is not going to be very long. Last night, however, Topcho (the writer at bla. bla? bla!) requested a cross stitch pattern of Ciel from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji that I'd actually made last May, so it got to jump over the rest of the request queue and get posted today. It was actually a little strange, since I hadn't even thought about Black Butler for months until finding the paper I'd drawn the pattern on earlier this week, with Topcho asking about it right when it popped up again. I guess that it was more of a case of good timing than anything else, though, so here is today's pattern, with Ciel going undercover at a ball in his lovely pink party dress and designed to emulate the style of some of the motifs that I've seen in late 19th century DMC cross stitch pattern books! The preview image on this chart is from a version of it that I stitched last year, on 10-count plastic canvas with craft thread, so if you want to stitch him on white fabric, some more backstitching might prove desirable.
Now that I have that posted, I'm going to close out today's post with my latest WIP photo of Noel, as it looked right before I got online today. I'm not quite done with her for today, but I stitched more than my goal for yesterday, so it's not too bad of a jump in progress. Plus, now all of the boundaries of the page I'm working on are set, which is nice. It shouldn't be too long before I have this page done!
With that, I'm done for today, but after I've finished at least another request pattern and asked some people about work to feature, I'll be back with another post! Until then, have a nice day and all of that, and good luck with your cross stitch projects, too!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Another Clannad Cross Stitch Pattern, A Finished Lucky Star Stitching, and My Slowly Progressing WIP

Hello! On my last post here, with all of the features, I stated that in a couple of days, I'd be back here and posting again with a new pattern. Because of that, I started work on one this afternoon, featuring Sunohara from Clannad, since he was requested before the advent of Sprite Patterns December and had been left waiting for a long time. It had been quite a while since I'd made a portrait pattern, though, so I was going really slowly and didn't at all think that I'd get done in time. After a couple of hours, though, I had what I think is a nice pattern of Sunohara done and ready to post! I probably should have done this blog post then, but since I felt like getting off of the computer and doing other things at that point, that's what ended up happening.

This pattern is a little different from portrait patterns that I've done in the past, regardless of the character they depict, since the outline for most of it isn't all that dark. For Christmas, my dad got me the artbook for The Gentlemen's Alliance Cross, by Arina Tanemura (which I haven't read and now would like to), and one of the things that I really thought was cool about the art in it was that none of the outlines were black. It took me a bit to think of a good reason as to why that looked nice, but I decided that, since all of the drawings were filled with ruffles and flowing hair and giant stereotypical manga eyes, the lighter outlines allowed for more detail without the drawings starting to look dark and messy. Since detail clutter seemed to be a big problem working on the Clannad portrait patterns in the past, I thought it might be helpful to give that a try on this pattern, which I think worked out for the best. It might be a bit of a pain to switch outline colors according to the object, but it makes it look less intense and more like the source material, which is always nice for cross stitching fanart. I hope that you guys like how it looks, too!
Now that I have today's pattern posted, I have a spiffy new piece of stitching to show off from avid cross stitcher Kamryn! Even though a lot of this blog's Lucky Star portrait patterns have been stitched in the past, with Konata being the most popular choice, Kamryn is the first person that I know of to stitch Miyuki's school uniform portrait, and it looks excellent. Her stitching is, as always, extremely neat and orderly, and, if I understand properly, she stitched Miyuki really quickly, too. Here is a photo to commemorate her new stitching accomplishment!
That's my last bit of new content for today, but before I go, I want to post another WIP photo of my cross stitch of Noel from BlazBlue! I don't feel like I added all that much since the last time I posted a photo of it, but the fact that I started working on the black floss makes it look a lot bigger than it was before. Hopefully, it'll help when I get some of the new outlines filled in, too.
Anyway, I am now done blogging for tonight, but I'm yet again hoping to post some more new patterns in the next couple of days! There are a lot of sprite pattern requests that I'd like to work on, including some more Naruto ones and Janine from Pokemon Gold/Silver, and working on new portrait patterns is always fun, too. If there are any characters you'd like to see done in either style, let me know and I'll do my best to make something nice in regards to your request. Until then, have a nice Friday and good luck with your stitching!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Pile of Lovely Work From Readers and a Gratuitous WIP Photo

Hello, everyone! I don't have any new patterns for tonight, though I plan to have something within the next couple of days, but I wanted to get 2012 started on here with a nifty feature of some finished versions of patterns from here! I have work to show you guys from four different and spiffy stitchers, all of whom have their own blogs that I'll link you to when the time comes, but, to save myself paragraphs and paragraphs of text about how nice everything is, I'll just say now that I think all of the stitching I'm about to write about came out looking excellent! All of the stitching is extremely tidy, with cute finishes and borders and trim added all over the place. With all of that said, I'll start in on the images now!

The first piece up for tonight, chosen as such because her blog is first in my list of tabs, is by Topcho at the very entertaining blog bla. bla? bla!. Her set of newly cross stitched sprites, shown above, includes Kyoya and the Hitachin twins from Ouran Host Club bookending Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh. Her post about these is a lot of fun to read, if you visit her blog, and I also have to congratulate her on finishing stitching each member of the Ouran Host Club (or, the whole pattern set except for Renge)!
Tonight's next photo comes courtesy of Tiki, from the blog Tiki Stitches, who stitched this lovely version of the Monkees sprites that got posted here a few months ago. Her finished set looks really cute, and on her blog, where you can also see a full-sized version of this image and another finish in the form of her stitched sprite of Leonard from The Big Bang Theory, she says that she's hoping to get her daughter to backstitch "Hey, hey, we're the Monkees!" on the bottom of the piece. It would be a very nice touch, so I wish her luck in working it out!
This photo is of a stitching by Reaper, of the blog The Stitching Reaper, and it features a stitched version of one of the Christmas sprites that I posted last December as the decoration in a coaster that she made as a gift. When I originally posted this pattern, it was in weird and poorly chosen colors that I currently question, so I hadn't thought that anyone would ever stitch her. However, Reaper's color choices look excellent, with blonde hair and a variegated red floss that worked quite well for her Santa suit! I also have to say, having made a coaster for my mom with what looks like the same base coaster, that they last a pretty long time, meaning that the gift should be long lasting, too.
The last photo of the night comes from the brand new and snappily named blog Bouncing Bellies and Flashing Fingers, kept by Tazzy. The finished sprites shown above, featuring her renditions of this blog's patterns of characters from Saiyuki, Black Butler, and Final Fantasy VII all look great, especially as bookmarks, but the amount of photos of these she had in her last post was unbelievable! Over on her blog, besides this, she also has photos of finished versions of a couple more Final Fantasy VII characters, including a nicely modified version of Sephiroth's sprite, a full photo of what these bookmarks look like in their complete form, and some cute chocobos from a pattern at Anime Stitching.

With that, I'm done with featuring work for today, though I do want to post another WIP photo of my Blazblue sprite before I go! The blue blob that currently makes up Noel is getting bigger, but I'm really looking forward to when the image starts to make sense. Hopefully, though, that won't be all that long from now!
Thank you for reading today's post! It's always really fun to write feature posts like this, and if you've stitched any of the patterns previously posted here and want to be included, just let me know! I'm hoping to work on some patterns and post again very soon, so until then, I hope your new year has started well!