Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Brief Post For a Semi-New Black Butler Pattern

Hello! Today, most of the stuff that I'm doing on the computer is taking a lot more effort than usual, since I keep doing things incorrectly and wondering why this computer doesn't like that very well, so my post for this afternoon is not going to be very long. Last night, however, Topcho (the writer at bla. bla? bla!) requested a cross stitch pattern of Ciel from Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji that I'd actually made last May, so it got to jump over the rest of the request queue and get posted today. It was actually a little strange, since I hadn't even thought about Black Butler for months until finding the paper I'd drawn the pattern on earlier this week, with Topcho asking about it right when it popped up again. I guess that it was more of a case of good timing than anything else, though, so here is today's pattern, with Ciel going undercover at a ball in his lovely pink party dress and designed to emulate the style of some of the motifs that I've seen in late 19th century DMC cross stitch pattern books! The preview image on this chart is from a version of it that I stitched last year, on 10-count plastic canvas with craft thread, so if you want to stitch him on white fabric, some more backstitching might prove desirable.
Now that I have that posted, I'm going to close out today's post with my latest WIP photo of Noel, as it looked right before I got online today. I'm not quite done with her for today, but I stitched more than my goal for yesterday, so it's not too bad of a jump in progress. Plus, now all of the boundaries of the page I'm working on are set, which is nice. It shouldn't be too long before I have this page done!
With that, I'm done for today, but after I've finished at least another request pattern and asked some people about work to feature, I'll be back with another post! Until then, have a nice day and all of that, and good luck with your cross stitch projects, too!


  1. Omg, thanks for the speed! I'm so in love with the dress <3 I hope to sit and stitch him soon!

  2. Hope you don't mind me commenting here on the last few posts. :) Sprites are adorable, as usual but *SQUEEEEEEE* at the Noel pic. Oh, it's going to be so freaking awesome!!!!! :D

  3. Your WIP is looking splendid! Very, very splendid!
    Cute new sprites, too :D

  4. I'm just wondering, why haven't you done Pokemon Mondays recently?