Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Pile of Lovely Work From Readers and a Gratuitous WIP Photo

Hello, everyone! I don't have any new patterns for tonight, though I plan to have something within the next couple of days, but I wanted to get 2012 started on here with a nifty feature of some finished versions of patterns from here! I have work to show you guys from four different and spiffy stitchers, all of whom have their own blogs that I'll link you to when the time comes, but, to save myself paragraphs and paragraphs of text about how nice everything is, I'll just say now that I think all of the stitching I'm about to write about came out looking excellent! All of the stitching is extremely tidy, with cute finishes and borders and trim added all over the place. With all of that said, I'll start in on the images now!

The first piece up for tonight, chosen as such because her blog is first in my list of tabs, is by Topcho at the very entertaining blog bla. bla? bla!. Her set of newly cross stitched sprites, shown above, includes Kyoya and the Hitachin twins from Ouran Host Club bookending Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh. Her post about these is a lot of fun to read, if you visit her blog, and I also have to congratulate her on finishing stitching each member of the Ouran Host Club (or, the whole pattern set except for Renge)!
Tonight's next photo comes courtesy of Tiki, from the blog Tiki Stitches, who stitched this lovely version of the Monkees sprites that got posted here a few months ago. Her finished set looks really cute, and on her blog, where you can also see a full-sized version of this image and another finish in the form of her stitched sprite of Leonard from The Big Bang Theory, she says that she's hoping to get her daughter to backstitch "Hey, hey, we're the Monkees!" on the bottom of the piece. It would be a very nice touch, so I wish her luck in working it out!
This photo is of a stitching by Reaper, of the blog The Stitching Reaper, and it features a stitched version of one of the Christmas sprites that I posted last December as the decoration in a coaster that she made as a gift. When I originally posted this pattern, it was in weird and poorly chosen colors that I currently question, so I hadn't thought that anyone would ever stitch her. However, Reaper's color choices look excellent, with blonde hair and a variegated red floss that worked quite well for her Santa suit! I also have to say, having made a coaster for my mom with what looks like the same base coaster, that they last a pretty long time, meaning that the gift should be long lasting, too.
The last photo of the night comes from the brand new and snappily named blog Bouncing Bellies and Flashing Fingers, kept by Tazzy. The finished sprites shown above, featuring her renditions of this blog's patterns of characters from Saiyuki, Black Butler, and Final Fantasy VII all look great, especially as bookmarks, but the amount of photos of these she had in her last post was unbelievable! Over on her blog, besides this, she also has photos of finished versions of a couple more Final Fantasy VII characters, including a nicely modified version of Sephiroth's sprite, a full photo of what these bookmarks look like in their complete form, and some cute chocobos from a pattern at Anime Stitching.

With that, I'm done with featuring work for today, though I do want to post another WIP photo of my Blazblue sprite before I go! The blue blob that currently makes up Noel is getting bigger, but I'm really looking forward to when the image starts to make sense. Hopefully, though, that won't be all that long from now!
Thank you for reading today's post! It's always really fun to write feature posts like this, and if you've stitched any of the patterns previously posted here and want to be included, just let me know! I'm hoping to work on some patterns and post again very soon, so until then, I hope your new year has started well!


  1. You can't see me right now, but I'm blushing from your praise. *grins*If you didn't make such fun patterns to stitch up, I wouldn't have made as many as I did.

  2. Those are some pretty blues you've got going there. Her skirt is definitely starting to take shape and is looking most excellent too :-) I'll be looking forward to your next update.

  3. Noel is coming along nicely! And I agree with Tazzyq with so many fun and awesome patterns you made, I just wish for some extra hours to stitch them all XD