Monday, February 13, 2012

Mas Medabots en Punto Cruz, Mas Punto Cruz Poder

Hello! Since I took two Spanish classes and two French classes, I can almost never say anything accurately in either language, which would not be very helpful if I were to end up in an emergency situation in a country where people primarily spoke either language. Thanks to toy packaging, though, I can clearly indicate in any Spanish speaking country that more Medabots lead to more power, which would come in handy pretty often if I were a character on Medabots. Since I'm not, titling this blog post seemed like a nice opportunity to use this skill of mine, though I would still like to apologize to any Spanish speakers reading this for my grammar and spelling in this title.

Anyway, today's blog post is not going to be very long, but a few weeks ago, I threatened that if I didn't get any requests for new sets of portrait style cross stitch patterns, I would start in ones of characters from Medabots. I am not sure if you guys genuinely did not have any requests, thought I was bluffing, or are fans of Medabots, but I thought it seemed like an awesome idea, so, this weekend, I did a nice portrait pattern of Metabee, the robot that fights with Ikki, the anime's main character. Making this pattern was a lot of fun, and there are tons of other characters that I'd like to make, so this probably isn't the last Medabots pattern that you'll see on here. For today, though, I'm getting the set started with this cross stitch chart of Metabee!
Even more than usual, I feel like I just typed a massive pile of gibberish, so I think that I am going to quit before I start doing features and WIP photos. I'm hoping to post again with some new sprite patterns later in the week, though, so hopefully, that'll be a more normal post. I hope that all of you are having a nice day, and I'll be posting again soon!


  1. Lol.... In my stupor, I wondered why you charted the neck and torso or something I couldn't make out.... Then I saw the helmet!!!! Sigh... I really should go to bed. Lol.

  2. Ha, that's exactly what I thought! (See Joysze's comment).

  3. Great charting!

    Have a great day.