Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Pattern of Hot Dog Princess From Adventure Time and Other Typing

Hello! Today, I am not feeling very focused, so I'm not quite sure how long this blog post is going to last. I actually got online to start working on it about two hours ago, and, to be fair, not working on this for the half hour or so that my grandfather was visiting was not really slacking, but I think that the hour and a half that I spent reading about old toys and drinking hot tea was indeed slacking off. Before I get distracted and wander off to do something else, though, I do have a new pattern that I'd like to post, so I am going to try and stay in this browser window for more than five minutes while I get the post written!

Anyway, the other night, I was sitting around with my laptop and working on cross stitch patterns when I made a chart of Hot Dog Princess, from Adventure Time. I do realize that there are characters from Adventure Time that are much more popular and much more interesting, and I would like to make patterns of them later, but because Hot Dog Princess is a hot dog and also a princess, she was the obvious choice for my first pattern. It's an easy pattern, with a low color count and not all that much detail, even though it isn't all that small, at 82 stitches wide, so it could be fun to make if you have a few movies that you'd like to watch and need something to do while you're sitting through them. Rather than just tell you convenient situations in which you could stitch this, however, I suppose that I should just post this lovely cross stitch pattern of Hot Dog Princess.
Since that paragraph took me 25 minutes to write, it would probably be best if I just left this post as it is, but instead, I have a photo of a project that I started last night to write about! I found the base for this at Salvation Army last night, for 45 cents, and wasn't really sure what it was, though it did look like a piece of plastic for a simple needlepoint of some strawberries. After doing a little bit of research into it, however, I found out that the printed plastic was part of a 1981 Fischer Price Starting Stitchery kit that also would have included yarn and a snap-on frame, which explains why it's such solid plastic and why the picture isn't all that detailed. I started working on this at about 10:00 last night, while I watched a really bad Naruto movie, so I'm not really all that far on it. Since I'm doing each cross stitch in two strands of yarn, however, I think that it should be fast to finish and pretty solidly colored, too. Here is a photo of the unfinished project, to try and show how odd the item is, and to see if any of you have seen one of these before. (The black line in the middle of the photo is my needle, which I forgot to remove before taking the photograph.)
Now that I have that posted, I think that I am actually done for now, though I hope to come back and do another, more coherent post sometime soon! Until then, I hope you guys are having good weekends and doing well with your craft projects!


  1. Ah I love hot dog princess! So cute :)

  2. Oh my lord! I love hotdog princess so much! I love this! I need to make this!

  3. Adventure time! More patterns from the series please!

  4. First time I hear of it, but hot dog princess is just SO EPIC

  5. That hot dog.... dog cracked me up!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your needlepoint is going to be so cute. 45cents was a steal and I can't wait to see it finished. :D

  6. LOL!! That hot dog made me laugh too!!!!!