Monday, February 27, 2012

Two New Sprite Patterns Featuring Characters From Revolutionary Girl Utena

Hello! For the past couple of days, I've been enjoying stitching some of my sprite patterns, which has made me want to design some new ones, too. This afternoon, my desire to make some new sprite patterns didn't really pan out, since I instead ended up refreshing the listings for substitute teaching jobs over and over while reading reviews of really bad old anime on a long-defunct site that I found again through the Anime Web Turnpike. Tonight, however, I was just focused enough to actually get something done, meaning that for tonight's post, I have two brand new sprite patterns, featuring Utena and Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena! I've been wanting to make these characters for a long time, and actually think it would be cool to make the whole cast, since I had a lot of the series on VHS from a Right Stuf clearance bin and was always impressed by what a weird show it was. When I thought about it before, though, I thought that getting all of the details right on Utena's outfit would be too difficult, or that pixelling Anthy's fancy rose bride dress would turn out to be a pain. Tonight, however, I wanted to do some new anime sprites, so I sat down to make those two characters, and I think that it turned out well! If you'd like to decide how they look for yourself, here are tonight's new sprite patterns!
With those posted and all ready to stitch, which I plan to do at some point, this post is almost complete! Before I go, though, I want to post a photo of the two stitched sprite patterns that got my new sheet of these started off and led to this, featuring Bianca from Pokemon (because of the newly announced Pokemon Black/White 2) and George Valentin from The Artist (because of the Academy Awards). I stitched both of these within the last two days, and have quite a bit of a third one done, too! She should be ready to show off by the time I post again.

I'm all done with this blog for tonight, but I still feel fairly enthusiastic about patterns, so I should be back and posting again rather soon! I have a few portrait patterns started and a lot of ideas for sprite patterns, so I hope they work out well. Before I go, I also want to say, in response to a comment that I got on my last post, that I post all of these patterns so that anyone who wants to stitch or bead or do whatever with them can do so. I do make a lot of them for myself or for specific requests, but if I wanted them to be private, I wouldn't post them, so the more people that do use them, the better! Anyway, have a good evening and good luck with all of your craft projects.

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