Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Finished Cross Stitching Holo and Worked Less Enthusiastically on Some Other Stuff, Too!

Hello! Before I get started with this post, I would like to say that I do not have any new patterns for today. I did get a lot of cool new requests for sprite patterns, so I wrote them down in my tiny Chococat notebook and am planning to make a few of them for a post in the next couple of days. For tonight, however, I just have a standard "Oooh, look at what I made!" post, so hopefully it doesn't end up being boring!

Last night, I finally finished my cross stitch of Holo, from Spice and Wolf (which I've never actually watched, though I do read the books), so I wanted to write a post here to show it off. I would have done it last night, when I actually finished the project, but I felt sort of lazy, so I ended up sitting around playing Mario Picross and watching Casshern: Sins instead. It isn't a very big project, but I think it came out all right, and I really like how the oranges in her hair look on the gray fabric. I'd been wanting to stitch this pattern for a long time, too, so now it's actually done! Since she's finished now, I took the time to do a nice scan of the project, so here she is, now without all the blurriness of the photos I had before!
Since I finished her last night, I had plenty of time to get another project started after I was done with subbing for today, which I would rather not spend a lot of time typing about here. Stitching Holo was fun, and I've made a ton of midsized portrait patterns, so I decided to pick another one of those to make, going with one of my patterns of Tsukasa from Lucky Star. The pattern is a little smaller than my last one, so I'm hoping that it doesn't take too long, even if I do get distracted and stitch five other things before she's finished. Here, however, is a tiny photo of my small start on Tsukasa!
I think that, if I'd actually been able to focus, I could have gotten quite a bit of her stitched tonight. About halfway through American Idol, however, I started to feel like, if I had to cross stitch any more, I'd throw my project out the front door and wait for a wild animal to rip it to shreds. That seemed like a poor attitude to be stitching with, so rather than continue with that, I cut paper strips for the rest of American Idol and then, during an episode of Vampire Diaries on Netflix, folded a bunch of paper stars. I use them to fill jars and make earrings and stuff like that, and star folding is a great way to kill time while riding in a car or watching TV. I got a nice pile of them folded tonight, though, so here is what they look like! (I've been scolded before for never posting any photos of my folded stuff on here, so that's part of the reason for this.)
With that, I'm pretty much out of photos to post, so I suppose that I'm done with this for now! I'll be back soon with some actual patterns, though, hopefully from the list of requests I've gotten. I have a Pokemon pattern that I want to make, too, mostly for my own use, but I don't imagine I'll hear too many complaints about that. At the end of the weekend, I'll be making my IHSW post for this month, too, so hopefully, I'll actually get something done! Have a good night, and good luck with your craft projects!


  1. Oooooh, Holo looks awesome!!!! :D I can't was to see how Tsukasa turns out.

    There they are!!! Such pretty stars!!! Love the paper combo you used too. :D

  2. Awesome finish! Cute stars, too :D