Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More Tiny Fighting Game Sprite Patterns to Cross Stitch and Tons of (or three) Photos of Stuff I Made

Hello! It's been a long time since I last posted here, and when I saw Blogger's new posting layout, I didn't like it very well and wanted to close the window and forget about blogging for a couple more days. It's clunky, even slower than the last one was on this computer, and looks big, empty, and boring. I like it much less than I like the timeline format on Facebook. I've been really busy lately, though, since I've had a lot of substitute teaching and have been working with a local nonprofit organization, and I think that tomorrow will be busy again, so I wanted to get something written here. I have a lot of new patterns and photos of some stuff I've made since my last post, too, so hopefully, it will be interesting.

Anyway, today I have some new fighting game sprite patterns to post! Not too long ago, Gatchacaz (of Gatchastitch, which will come up again later in this post) requested some patterns of Street Fighter characters through the Dork Stitch Facebook page. This was cool both because it meant that when I filled the request, I got to post a gratuitous link to this blog's Facebook page and because I really enjoy making the patterns for and cross stitching fighting game fan art. I got sort of excited about working on these patterns, but on Saturday night, I was playing PS2 fighters with my brother when it occurred to me that instead of just making some Street Fighter patterns, I could instead make one sprite pattern for each character from Capcom vs. SNK 2. That way, I not only got to make Street Fighter patterns, but also got to make even more King of Fighters ones, which readers of this blog probably know requires very little prompting, as well as ones from other games. Plus, for the first time, working on the cast of Capcom vs. SNK 2 means that, for the first time, I have found a pattern set that allows me to bridge the gap between "working on pattern requests from people" and "doing whatever I want because it's my blog." There are a few characters I am concerned about making well, but as a whole, I think that this'll be a fun project!

Since I've done a lot of fighting game rubbish here in the past, I do have a few characters featured in Capcom vs. SNK 2 acceptably made as sprite patterns. Kyo and Iori were posted last fall, and Chun-Li was posted during my first sprite patterns December, meaning that three are already done! Because of that, I've picked two of the six more that I have done now for this post. On the Capcom side of things, I picked Ryu and Ken, since being the main characters of Street Fighter seems like they should count for something in a project like this, and on the SNK side, I picked Mai Shiranui, because I was actually kind of surprised that I hadn't posted my pattern of her sooner. All of the charts are pretty typical sprite patterns, with simple designs and bright colors, but I think that they ought to be fun to stitch, so I hope that you guys like them, too!

Now that those are posted, it's time for some pointless photos of projects that I've worked on since the last time that I posted here! Since it's been a week and a half since then, this section is going to be quite a bit longer than usual, but I hope it is still interesting. The first  photo that I have for this section is of my finished cross stitch of the Pokemon Meloetta, which I finished early on Sunday! While I was finishing her up, I watched Captain America and Drive, so she has a more violent background than a lot of my cross stitch projects. Still, I like how she ended up looking and am hoping to find some sort of use for this project!
After that, I decided to test some new tie-dyed floss that I'd gotten at Hobby Lobby by watching reruns of sitcoms and cross stitching a dragon motif that I found in Sajou 290, at (It's a really cool blog with tons of antique patterns of all types, and I'd definitely recommend looking at their selection!) It's not my most exciting project ever, but I think that the floss looked cool with the pattern, which was quick and easy to stitch.
Once I'd tested the new floss, however, I got started on a bigger project with it, making the Monkees logo pattern that Gatchacaz designed and posted! I'm not very far on it yet, even though I worked on it through two movies (How Do You Know and Broadcast News, in case you are curious about these things), two episodes of the Vampire Diaries, and some of tonight's episode of American Idol. It's really fun to make, though, and as far as I can tell, my sister, who I am stitching it for, does not hate it. Please enjoy this photo of half of an O, an N, and a K in bright colors.
I am really sleepy now, so I think that I'd better quit posting and go to bed rather than try and type a lot more and fall asleep at the keyboard. I have a lot more Capcom vs. SNK patterns that I saved to post in the next couple of days, though, so I should be back with some new stuff soon! Thanks for reading this very long post, and have a nice evening!


  1. Your Pokemon stitching came out very good, I like the colors. That dragon looks great in tye dye. I thought the Monkees logo looked fabulous in that finished picture you posted from Gatchacaz. I like the colors you've chosen for yours. Those are all separate colors right? Nice mix, look forward to seeing the completed piece.

  2. Hi Allison,
    Meloetta looks so beautiful! I love the colours you used. Your dragon looks cool as well and I can't wait to see what the Monkees logo looks like when it's finished.
    Happy stitching!

  3. Thanks for the making the Ryu and Ken sprites, I shall look forward to stitching those!!!

    As always, thanks for the plugs :) The Monkees sprite looks cool in the multi-coloured thread and I look forward to seeing it finished!!!

  4. Finished Meloetta is so cute! And I love the varigated threads you're using on your other projects :D

  5. Your Meloetta is lovely! *grins* and those varigated threads are very interesting. I may have to stalk the local Hobby Lobby to see what other colors they have....

  6. I hear ya about the new blogger layout. Not a fan either, but at least they've included some options that were missing when they were beta testing, like not being able to remove the captcha code thing.

    Ahhh, see, I think your stitching is the most pointed (LOL!) part. Love seeing them and Meloetta is soooo darn cute!!! You could make a flat fold with her and stand her next to your sprites. ;)