Monday, March 5, 2012

This Post May Contain a Cross Stitch Pattern of Coco From Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

Hello! Tonight, my post here is not going to be very long, seeing as I subbed for a P.E. class stuck in a study hall today and ended up having my brain totally fried. Considering the general lack of success I had in sending out coherent e-mails four hours ago, it could be argued that, by this point, I shouldn't even be allowed near a computer keyboard, let alone permitted to blog. I've got a new pattern that I'm pretty excited about to post, though, so I think I can stay coherent at least until I've shared that!

A few days ago, I was trying to think of a fun character to make a portrait pattern of before making the next one in the Clannad set (which will be Ryou, by the way), and, since making a pattern of Hot Dog Princess was fun, I decided that I'd use another American cartoon character as the subject. Since that didn't narrow things down much at all, it took a bit longer to actually pick a character. After a lucky weather report, however, my sister started in on the "It's hot in To-Peeeek-Aaaaaa" bit from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, I decided that I'd make a character from that. Coco seemed like she'd be the most fun to cross stitch, so she ended up being my choice. (I'd stitched Bloo before, from a pattern by Dawn, posted at her blog, Anime Stitching.) Plus, bird/tree/airplane creatures are very amusing, so that worked in her favor, too.

Coco's pattern looks quite a bit larger than a lot of the ones I've posted here, at 95 stitches tall, but since she's not a perfect rectangle in terms of shape, she shouldn't be an incredibly time consuming project. There are a lot of color changes involved, meaning that stitching her won't require a great deal of single color chunks, and I like that all of the colors in it are bright and relatively easy to match, even if you don't have the floss colors listed. I'm pretty excited about stitching this, so if you guys want to cross stitch or perler bead Coco, too, here is the pattern!
Now that today's pattern is posted, it's time to show off what I've been working on lately, which, actually, is not that much. I have gotten four more of my sprite patterns stitched since my last post, though, so here is a picture of them. From left to right, the characters included in this image are Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena), Tamaki (Ouran Host Club), Light (Death Note), and Ash (Pokemon). While I don't necessarily think these characters would get along, since one member of the group would probably end up making sure that the other three were no longer a problem for him, they were all fun to stitch, and I think they'll make nice additions to my collection of cross stitch standees.
Now that all of that is finished, I'm done here for today, though I'm hoping to have a new post and new patterns for you guys sometime later this week! Until then, I hope all of you have gotten your weeks off to a good start and are doing well with all of your craft projects.


  1. Your Coco pattern looks great! Awesomely random choice. Loved that show! :D

  2. omg is adorable Coco

    "Co-co-co-coooo" xD!!

  3. Aw, cute!
    And I love your finishes! You must have quite a collection!

  4. I LOVE COCO!!! Why have I never heard of him????!!!!!!

    Oooh, yes, definitely great sprite additions. :D

  5. These are all great! I love Coco and when I saw the sprites my first thought was a mental image of how Ash is trying to catch Ryuk with a pokeball. On a brither note, it looks like Light has just an apple instead of the Death note, so I hope they're all safe!

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    Coco is absolutely great!