Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Two Sprite Patterns For Some Dragon Ball Z Cross Stitching Fun

Hello! Last week, through the Dork Stitch Facebook page, I got a request for some sprite patterns of Dragon Ball Z characters. Though I should probably find a way to say more about the whole thing, it sounded like making the cross stitch patterns would be fun, so I decided start working on them. (Plus, working on a set of sprite patterns for characters so muscle-y and frilly clothing free practically guarantees that a lot of other sprite requests are going to get filled between chunks of these.) I was tempted to go to Google, type in Dragon Ball Z, find two one-episode only entrants in tournaments, and make patterns of them to start the new set, but instead, I ended up just making patterns of Goku and Vegeta, since that seemed like it would work a bit better. I know that a lot of people really like the show and the manga, though, so if there are any characters that you guys would like to see done in the near future, just list them in the comments and I'll do my best to make a decent pattern of them. For today, however, here are the first two Dragon Ball Z sprite patterns, featuring Goku and Vegeta.
Patterns-wise, that's all I've got for you today, but I do have yet another WIP photo of Holo, from Spice and Wolf, to show off. I don't have all that much more done than I did on Sunday night, since yesterday was really busy, and yesterday, I realized that I forgot a row, making her head one stitch two short. She's almost finished, though, and in terms of her appearance, the skipped row doesn't seem to make much of a difference, especially since I designed the pattern and know that I am not really screwing up any sort of marvelously detailed needlework by making the error. Here is another blurry photo of my progress, probably marking the last one I'll post before the project is finished! After her, I'll have to pick another one of my midsized portrait patterns to stitch, but I do have one of them in mind.
I'm done posting for today now, though I should be back pretty soon with more patterns and photos and all of that. As I said before, if you have any requests for Dragon Ball Z sprite patterns, let me know who you'd like to see before things get out of hand! Until the next post, however, I hope that you guys are doing pretty well and making good progress with all of your stitching projects!


  1. Those are really great! I request future Trunks.

  2. Oooh, your anime girl looks good! Do you have any new projects for IHSW?

  3. Definitely can't tell you skipped a row on Holo, which looks great, btw. :D