Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sprite Patterns of the Pokemon Black White 2 Trainers

Hello! Today, it's really dark, cloudy and rainy here, so I think that it's kind of the sort of day where no one really wants to do anything at all. Making new sprite patterns, however, requires very little expenditure of energy, so for today, I have two new cross stitch patterns for you guys featuring the new trainers from Pokemon Black/White 2! The characters are so new that they don't have names yet (that I could find, anyway- who knows what's floating around the internet), so that's a little disappointing, though it is nice to think that they probably won't be named Hilda and Hilbert again. They do, however, have brightly colored and needlessly elaborate outfits, which is what I was looking for while working on patterns for today. There's nothing really out of the ordinary about either of the sprites for today, so they should be pretty standard to stitch as far as the sprite patterns go. I think that I'm going to stitch both of them before too long, so I hope that you guys like these new Pokemon trainers, too!
With that pattern posted, it's time to go on with the rest of my post, which I don't really think will be very extensive. I did, however, join my first stitch-along, featuring a small monochromatic pattern, hosted by Manka at Himezzunk kozosen! (I missed a ton of accent marks there), which I think translates to "Embroider together!" I don't know if I would have found the blog on my own, since I'd never read much about Hungarian stitching before, but I saw a link to it on Sana's blog, Tussie Mussie (which is also really interesting and full of lovely stitching photos), and wanted to try, too! Hopefully, my version of the pattern being sent out to the SAL participants comes out well, since the preview images look very nifty! I look forward to participating.

My last thing for today is yet another WIP photo of my cross stitch of Noel from Blazblue, which I'm sure all of you will be thrilled to see. I finished my second page of the pattern, though, and got about 20 stitches done on the third, though, so I feel slightly accomplished! She still doesn't look like much of anything, but I feel like I'm getting somewhere with it. Hopefully, in my next post, I'll be well into the third page.
I'm done for today now, and ready to play a few games of Pangya, but I'll be back soon with more patterns and all of that stuff! Until then, have a nice day and good luck with all of your craft projects!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Old Fashioned Cross Stitch Pattern of Chell From Portal

Hello! My post for tonight will not be very long, since I'm sort of falling asleep at the keyboard, but I finally test stitched a pattern that I drew in June of last year and wanted to share the chart with you guys. It isn't terribly exciting or detailed so much as it's an "ooh, look at this fun new doll!" sort of pattern, but since I wasn't feeling great last night or this morning, I sort of needed a project like that to work on for a while. Anyway, last summer, I was looking at Portal cross stitch patterns and noticed that, even though she's the player character, Chell wasn't in any of them, at least that I could find. (This isn't to say that the patterns I found weren't really spiffy, as I still have many of them, as well as some that I've found since then, saved to someday stitch.) Since I like stitching video game characters on plastic canvas and sticking them to the wall with push pins, I got out my graph paper notebook, some printouts of old DMC cross stitch charts from Antique Pattern Library, and the box to Portal 2 and set about making an old-fashioned sort of pattern of Chell that I could use for that purpose. I was pretty happy with how it came out, but for some reason, it took me until now to stitch it, which I guess is sort of odd. Now that I've stitched her and know that my pattern works, however, I have the pattern ready to post here!
I don't have too much to say about this chart, other than that you might want to add some extra backstitching around her portal gun and boots if you stitch her on white Aida cloth. Since I used it for plastic canvas and craft thread, though, I didn't end up having to do that. Here is a photo of my version of her, all cut out and flying around the corners of the graph paper notebook I first drew her in! I think that it would be fun to eventually stitch her, and maybe perler bead her, too, in a bunch of different colors and have portals pinned up all over the house, but for now, this is what I have.
Even though this took me a lot longer than it should have to stitch, I have worked a bit on my cross stitch of Noel from Blazblue, too, and finished my first page of the pattern! It still isn't a huge chunk of what the final project will be, but I got to start a second page that, since it's very light on actual stitching, should be done quickly! Here is what I currently have finished of my latest fighting game sprite project.
I think that I'm done blogging for tonight, but hopefully, I'll be posting again soon with some more new patterns! Have a nice day and do well with whatever projects you're working on!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

IHSW April: A WIP, 13 Pairs of Earrings, and A Finished Page of Sprites

Hello! As many of you already may have read, this past weekend was an International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, as hosted by Joysze at Random Ramblings. There are a few things that I worked on this weekend, and I plan to write about all of them, but the first that I want to show off is a project that I've had put away for quite a while! At the end of December, I started a cross stitch of a sprite of Noel Vermillion from Blazblue, a fighting game that my brothers and I play quite a lot. At the end of January, I put her away for four months, but on Friday, after playing the game for a while, I decided that it was time to get her back out and start stitching again! It's going to be a fairly big project, at around 315 stitches high and 260 wide, and I'm still on the first page, which is not really that encouraging. I do think that I got a lot of it done this weekend, though, so I hope that I can get back on track working on her. For now, here is how much of the project I have done. Hopefully, I'll finish this page and be able to start a second one this week!
My second project for the weekend was to make some more earrings to take to Stray Cat Art, the store that they're currently being sold from, and I made 13 pairs. While working on these, I listened to three and a half hours of British top 40 radio and watched one of my brothers play Resident Evil 4 for another two and a half hours, which was followed by my other brother playing quite a bit of the aforementioned Blazblue. This didn't really affect how the earrings came out, as far as I can tell, but I felt like I ought to type something there.
Now that I've written about Noel and the earrings, it's time for this post's grand finale in the form of a finished set of cross stitched sprites, from the patterns I keep posting, on a sheet of perforated plastic canvas! I only made one of these this weekend, and that was on Friday night, so even that's a bit iffy. I wanted to post this page when it got finished, though, and now that it's done, it seems like an okay time to put the photo here! If you're curious as to what characters are included here, they're listed by row from left to right underneath the image. Once I get these cut out, I'm hoping to take a photo of all of my standees together, which will be much more difficult to label.
Top Row: Bianca (Pokemon), George and Peppy (The Artist), Vicious (Cowboy Bebop), Sabrina (Pokemon)
Second Row: Revolutionary Girl Utena (her show has the same name as her), Tamaki (Ouran Host Club), Light (Death Note), Ash (Pokemon), Princess Fury (from an iPod game of the same name)
Third Row: Aya (Pokemon, one episode of the TV show), Rue (The Hunger Games), Gary Oak (Pokemon), Guile (Chrono Cross), Foxface (The Hunger Games)
Fourth Row: Iori (King of Fighters), Squall and Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII), Arin (Pangya/Super Swing Golf), Yuri (Art of Fighting/King of Fighters)

Now that all three of my projects for the weekend have been posted and written about, I suppose that I'm done for tonight. I'm hoping to be back soon with some brand new patterns, both in the sprite style and some fancier ones, new photos, and a nifty features post! Until then, I hope that the rest of you had good Stitch and Hermit Weekends and get your weeks off to a good start.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Barrage of FFVIII Alternate Outfit Sprite Patterns

Hello! For a while now, my most requested sprite patterns here at Dork Stitch have been alternate outfit cross stitch charts for Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy VIII. I have absolutely nothing against the game, so I really have no idea or explanation as to why I haven't made these patterns before now. Today, however, I have four new patterns to fill this request, since someone asked for one of Selphie over the weekend, too, so a whole slew of FFVIII alternate outfit sprite patterns await you!

Even though I should probably save this for the end of the post, I think I'll start things off with the special pattern for the day, which actually depicts Rinoa and Squall dancing at the ball from the game. I did their alternate outfits at the start of the night when I was doing all of these, but when I dug through reference pictures, I at some point decided that, if I were going to make normal patterns of their outfits, I might as well try to make them dancing, too. It took a while, and a pile of sprite editing, too, to get it to look right at all, and after I had the chart done, I test stitched it, too, just to make sure that when it was actually cross stitched, it didn't look weird and blobby. It was fun to do a more elaborate pattern like this, and I hope that those of you reading that stitch these charts will enjoy stitching it, too. Here is the pattern of Squall and Rinoa at their fancy ball.
As long as I have the pattern here, I think that I'll post my test stitching of it, too, just because I can! You'll probably see it again in a few days, since it's the 17th stitched sprite on my current sheet of plastic canvas, meaning that I'm almost ready to post the finished page, but it's sort of applicable to this post, too. It's not stitched in the colors I suggest in the chart, so that part of it is a little different, but making it allowed me to figure out that, in the way I originally had the pattern made, Squall's arm looked tiny and weird, while Rinoa's hair was eating her eyeball. After I got all of that fixed, I think that it helped a lot, so the version of it I actually stitched matches the posted pattern rather than the original one.
With the fancy pattern posted and out of the way, I now have three standard sprite patterns for you guys, featuring Selphie and Squall in their SeeD uniforms and Rinoa in her dress from the ball. They're pretty normal and straightforward patterns, with nothing unusual about them, but I hope that you guys like them! There are still plenty of characters from FFVIII to make, too, so if one of your favorite characters (or their alternate outfit) is still missing, just mention it in the comments or on the Dork Stitch Facebook page and I'll do my best to make a chart of them.

Now that I have all of that posted, I'm done for today, but I hope to be back very soon with some new sprite patterns in my Capcom vs. SNK 2 set, which I have not at all abandoned, and, hopefully, a lot of nifty photos of sprites I've stitched and stuff I've made! Until then, have a nice day and good luck with all of your crafting projects!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Clannad Cross Stitch Pattern and Photos of Earrings I Made

Hello, everyone! For tonight's post, I'm mostly going to write about and show some photos of earrings that I've made, but to start things off, I have a new cross stitch pattern for you guys! It's been a while since she was posted, but, earlier this year, I did a portrait pattern of Kyou from Clannad. As soon as I finished it, I wanted to make a matching pattern of her sister, Ryou, but until yesterday, I hadn't gotten around to making it. Yesterday afternoon, however, I sat down, got to pixel editing, and made a pattern of Ryou at the same size and in the same floss colors as Kyou! The image is from Clannad: After Story, which I suppose makes it a bit different, but I'm not very familiar with the anime, so I picked the image I thought was the nicest and went with that. I'm happy with how this pattern came out, so I hope that those of you who are following the set of Clannad patterns like it, too! I still have a lot of characters to go, but if there's anyone in particular that you guys would like to see next, let me know!
With that posted, I want to write about some jewelry that I've been making for quite a while now, since I'm pretty excited about it lately! I've been using small origami cranes and stars to make earrings that are big, but lightweight and surprisingly durable, and last fall, I did fairly well selling them at a couple of craft events. Earlier this week, however, I was contacted about selling them at Stray Cat Art, a store that focuses on selling work by local artists. Today, I took a bunch of pairs in to see if things work out, which I'm generally hopeful about, as the woman who runs the store seemed to be, too, (she even recommended prices and display options based on what had worked for other artists in the past, which I really appreciated) but I also wanted to post some photos of them, mounted in my business cards and displayed in picture frames backed with plastic canvas, just to show off a bit As always, my photography is pretty terrible, so don't worry! These earrings don't look nearly as blurry and grainy in real life as they do here. I have a lot of fun making them, though, so I hope the the fact that these earrings do actually look like something comes across. I plan to make several more pairs, all of them unique, in the next few days, too, so I'm also hoping to post some photos of those.
Now that I'm done writing about all of that stuff, I think that it's time for bed, but I'll be back and posting again very soon! My next post will probably have sprite patterns in it (including the ones I've been stitching for the last week and a half), but there are a lot of new portrait patterns that I'd like to make, too, so those won't be too far off. I hope that you're all having good evenings and wish you luck with all of your current and upcoming craft projects!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cross Stitch Every Tribute From the 74th Hunger Games

Hello! Today's post is going to focus on a pattern making project that I've spent a lot of time on this weekend, and, as such, it will not have any stuff about my own stitching at the end, like I usually write. I'm not sure that really matters, but I wanted to say that up front, since it seemed like the thing to do. What this post will have, however, is one cross stitch sprite pattern for each and every one of the tributes featured in the Hunger Games, using the movie as a template for how they ought to look. I got to see the movie yesterday, and thought it would be cool to do a set of patterns like this, but was a little worried that image references would be difficult to find. Once I got home and turned on a computer, though, I found that the Hunger Games Wiki was a wildly useful resource for such a project, making all of this nonsense very possible!

Before I actually post the cross stitch patterns, 24 sprite patterns in 12 image files, there are a few things that I'd like to say about them. First of all, in order to break up some of the monotony of working on these, I used the outfits from the part where they were being interviewed in the Capitol wherever it was possible. If I couldn't find a good reference photo for that, I just made the character's sprite in the outfits that everyone had to wear when they were doing all of the training stuff for the arena. This means that these patterns are full of grey outfits but sprinkled with poofy prom dress types of outfits, so if you'd like to stitch all of these, that should make it a little more interesting. Since most of the named characters got interview outfits, that helps to distinguish them at a glance, too. The other thing I'd like to make note of is that every pattern is labeled with the district number rather than the character names, though those'll be listed in this post where names actually exist. With all that being said, I guess that I'll get on with actually posting the patterns!
Here are the two characters for District 1, Marvel and Glimmer, looking pastel and all of that. This is one of the two pattern sets where both characters got to wear fancy outfits, so I guess that's interesting, especially if you really like stitching guys in robin egg blue suits!
Here are District 2's tributes, Cato and Clove, with Cato in the training outfit because it looked infinitely better than my attempt to sprite the black suit with black details from the interview.
As you may have guessed, the above pattern is for District 3's tributes, who are the first unnamed set! It got a little difficult to make all of the not-featured character patterns, but thanks to some distinct hairstyles, especially on the girls' parts, I think that I made them recognizable enough.
This is District 4's tributes. I think that I am going to get sick of typing about all of these at some point.
Here is District 5, featuring Foxface in her frilly green dress, which is the last pair of sprites with a named character until I hit District 11. There are some hairstyles that I'm very proud of in the next few sets (especially in Districts 7 and 8), but I think that I'll just type the bare minimum under each of them and trust that if you have a wild attachment to any of the characters from these districts, you will find them well!
The pattern above is for District 6, and is followed by...
District 7...

District 8...
District 9...
...and District 10!
Here are the patterns for Thresh and Rue from District 11, at which we enter back into the realm of "characters someone may actually at some point in their lives stitch." I think that Rue ended up being the best pattern of the 24, since her hair and dress took the longest to get right, and though I'm not sure the Thresh pattern is anything remarkable, I did try my best to get him to look correct and do not think that I failed.
To finish the set off, here are District 12's tributes, Katniss and Peeta, who I am guessing several of you scrolled through the rest of the patterns to see. I like how these came out, but am not sure that they're the best of the set. I think that both of them should be fun to stitch, though, so I hope that you guys enjoy making them!

I think that I'm done blogging for now, since it's 12:30 at night and I've been staring at these charts for way too long, but I hope that any Hunger Games fans reading this post like these patterns! It was a lot of fun to make them, and I did my best to make the characters look like themselves on top of an effort to make all of them easy to cross stitch, perler bead, or use for any craft you might want to do. For my own part, I want to make at least a few of these for myself, but if any of you out there decide to stitch any of them, I'd love to see how they turn out!

I plan to be back here with a more normal post soon, but until then, have a good week and good luck with all of your crafts!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

More Fighting Game Sprite Patterns and a WIP I Dug Out to Work on Tonight

Hello! I don't want to spend too much time typing about today's patterns at the start of this post, since I've made my quest to do one Phantasy Star II based cross stitch pattern for each character in Capcom vs. SNK 2 known in recent posts. It is likely ill-conceived, and the full set might never get stitched by anyone. Regardless of that, however, I have four brand new patterns in the set tonight. Because this set started after I got a request for some Street Fighter sprite patterns, two of them are characters from that, with patterns of Blanka, who's nearly twice the size of a normal sprite pattern, and Vega, who is very detailed, but a little creepy looking. The other two patterns for today are of Kyosuke from Rival Schools, who I was very happy to make, as I love that series of games, and a new version of my pattern of Yuri from Art of Fighting. It's not a new outfit pattern, in her case, but just a less-bad version of the same outfit I made her in before, with much cuter hair. Anyway, here are all four of the patterns, ready to be stitched and pitted against one another in battle!

With those patterns posted, I have a project that I picked up again tonight to show off, even though I hadn't worked on it in over a year. Since I've been working on the Capcom vs. SNK sprite patterns, I've been thinking about a project that I started in late 2009, based on one of the "Hey! You need a color system to play this game!" screens from the Neo Geo Pocket Color version of SNK vs. Capcom. It is a very dorky project, since it is a picture of two fighting game characters sitting around and playing their Neo Geo Pockets, and to add to that, when I was doing the color for this pattern (the original image was in black and white), I even made sure that the system really existed in the color I chose for it. I thought that it was a really nice and pleasant picture, too, though, with lots of detail and the characters involved looking very cute, so I was hopeful that the project would have merits aside from being a cross stitch of Kaede from The Last Blade and Lilith from Darkstalkers sitting around and playing defunct game consoles. I still think that's true, but for some reason, I've never worked on it for more than two days at a time, meaning that, over two years after I started this project, I hardly have any of it done. Hopefully, however, I can actually manage to focus on it for a while, so here, to give you an idea of what I'm stitching, is a picture of the pattern that I'm using.
With that bright and cheerful image up for you to look at, here is the much less impressive and poorly photographed image of what, after two years, I've managed to stitch on it.
As you can probably tell, I have a long way to go with this project, but I plan to keep posting WIP images of it, since I want to actually stick with it and get it finished! For now, however, I'm going to quit blogging, though I hope to be back and posting more nonsense soon! I want to get a new portrait pattern done sometime next week, and more sprite patterns, too, since I have a new ambitious set to work on once this fighting game monstrosity is complete. Until then, however, I hope you are all doing well and having a nice week!

Another Cross Stitch Chart of Katniss, Using the iPod Game's Sprite as the Basis for the Pattern

Hello! I want to start my post tonight by thanking all of you who wished me a happy birthday here, since I had a spiffy day and really appreciated it! I would elaborate on birthday stuff here, but I've just spent way longer than I should have on a pattern that isn't all that fancy, so I probably won't type that much tonight.

A while ago, I received a message (don't you love how cool and mysterious this sounds?) about doing another pattern based on The Hunger Games, and since there is a free iPod game (The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire) based on the book/movie/all of that, it seemed like it could be a cool way to get a fancier than normal and nice looking pattern. I hadn't posted a pattern based directly on a premade sprite here in ages, so it didn't seem too bad on that front, and the game's sprites looked very nifty, so that seemed like a good starting point as well. I could go into a lot of details on why most of these things were poor assumptions on my part, but let me just say that, two days since I started this pattern and a little less than two hours after I got going on color tweaking and overall making-it-stitchable on the sprite I finally ended up using, I have a new pattern of Katniss for this blog. I actually don't think there's too much that I can complain about, since the base sprite made for a cool design and, after all my frustration with every image editing and pattern making program I have, I think that this pattern was able to do it justice. The colors might be a little too bright, but if that bothers you, pick new ones and take comfort in the fact that your cross stitch of Katniss will be better camouflaged than the bright red jacketed one that this pattern suggests. Before I've gone on for too long, though, here is today's needlessly elaborate pattern!
Rather than spend any more time typing here, I think that it would be best if I quit blogging now, since technology is currently making me feel rather unhappy. I think that I'm going to do another post tomorrow, getting back to my likely misguided attempt to do a sprite pattern for every character in Capcom vs. SNK 2, with photos of the three sprite patterns I've stitched since my last post here, but until then, I hope that all of you have a nice night and do well with whatever crafts you currently have going!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

More Capcom vs. SNK 2 Patterns and the Finished Monkees Project

Hello! Today is the first day of April, so it seemed like it would be as nice a time as any to post here! I'm probably not going to post anything tomorrow, since it'll be my birthday and I sort of imagine that I'll have to wait to hear when a meeting I'm supposed to go to is going to be, and last night, I was going to post, but then Cartoon Network showed Toonami for April Fools Day, so I sat around and watched cartoons and folded a few paper stars. Today, however, nothing is really going on, so I thought that I'd post my next four Capcom vs. SNK 2 sprite patterns and a finished photo of the Monkees logo that I stitched for my sister! Neither thing is overwhelmingly impressive, but I think that both were fun to work on, so I hope that you guys like them, too.

For today's new patterns, I'm sticking with the Capcom vs. SNK 2 stuff (which my brother is playing as I type) mostly because I want to. Like I said before, I have four new sprite patterns for today, but two of them are for characters that I've posted charts of here in the past. Both of them got redone for this project because they have different outfits for different games, which in Cammy's case, is the only reason why I did a new version of her pattern. When it came to King, from Art of Fighting, however, I really hated the first sprite I'd done of her. It was one of the first sprite patterns I made, which I think was a little too obvious. When I redid it, however, I think that I did a much better job, resulting in a pattern of the character that I think people will actually want to make. Hopefully, I can do the same for my sprite of Yuri before I'm done with this set. My other two sprite patterns in the set for today are of Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury, which turned out to be pretty simple and stitches up very quickly (I made him a few months ago) and of Morrigan, from Darkstalkers, who ended up being really detailed and looks like she'll be a lot of fun to stitch. Rather than type even more about this, though, I think that I'll just post the patterns!

The other thing that I wanted to write about for today was the fact that I finished my stitched version of Gatchacaz's (the spiffy writer of Gatchastitch) Monkees logo cross stitch pattern! When I started this project, I thought that it would be a little boring and incredibly time consuming, but it ended up being a lot of fun and took me under a week to finish! The monochrome pattern was great for using variegated floss, which I ended up doing with this, and it had just enough detail to stop it from getting monotonous at all. My sister is coming back from her band trip tonight, so I hope she likes it, but I'm pretty happy with how it ended up. Thank you for posting the pattern, Gatchacaz!

With both of my goals for this blog post met, I think that I'm finished for now, though I'm going to go work on more patterns right away. I hope to post later this week, since it's spring break and I know I won't be subbing, but until then, have a good start to April and good luck with all of your crafts!