Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Cross Stitch Chart of Katniss, Using the iPod Game's Sprite as the Basis for the Pattern

Hello! I want to start my post tonight by thanking all of you who wished me a happy birthday here, since I had a spiffy day and really appreciated it! I would elaborate on birthday stuff here, but I've just spent way longer than I should have on a pattern that isn't all that fancy, so I probably won't type that much tonight.

A while ago, I received a message (don't you love how cool and mysterious this sounds?) about doing another pattern based on The Hunger Games, and since there is a free iPod game (The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire) based on the book/movie/all of that, it seemed like it could be a cool way to get a fancier than normal and nice looking pattern. I hadn't posted a pattern based directly on a premade sprite here in ages, so it didn't seem too bad on that front, and the game's sprites looked very nifty, so that seemed like a good starting point as well. I could go into a lot of details on why most of these things were poor assumptions on my part, but let me just say that, two days since I started this pattern and a little less than two hours after I got going on color tweaking and overall making-it-stitchable on the sprite I finally ended up using, I have a new pattern of Katniss for this blog. I actually don't think there's too much that I can complain about, since the base sprite made for a cool design and, after all my frustration with every image editing and pattern making program I have, I think that this pattern was able to do it justice. The colors might be a little too bright, but if that bothers you, pick new ones and take comfort in the fact that your cross stitch of Katniss will be better camouflaged than the bright red jacketed one that this pattern suggests. Before I've gone on for too long, though, here is today's needlessly elaborate pattern!
Rather than spend any more time typing here, I think that it would be best if I quit blogging now, since technology is currently making me feel rather unhappy. I think that I'm going to do another post tomorrow, getting back to my likely misguided attempt to do a sprite pattern for every character in Capcom vs. SNK 2, with photos of the three sprite patterns I've stitched since my last post here, but until then, I hope that all of you have a nice night and do well with whatever crafts you currently have going!


  1. Ooh, very awesome pattern, as always. :) Definitely going to stitch this one! Very cool. :D Now to figure out what to put it on....

  2. Katniss yay! I love the books and the movie was all right in my book. This pattern of her reminds me of Fire Emblem for some reason.