Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cross Stitch Pattern Fun With The Avengers

Hello! Text-wise, this isn't going to be the longest pattern in the world, since pizza is on its way to my house and I don't really have a new WIP photo of Noel to show off so that I can pretend I've been productive. This morning, however, I went to see the Avengers (at a packed 9:50 am show, which I'd never seen before), and it was spiffy, so I decided to sit down with the drawing program on my DS and make some cross stitch patterns of the characters from it so that I could do another pointless craft project! (If you'd like to stitch a comic book set of Avengers rather than a movie set like I have here, you should check out WeeLittleStitches- they have a really cute free pattern up on their blog, which I've started stitching.) The pattern for today are pretty standard sprite patterns, which you've probably seen before if you're a reader of this blog, though there is quite a range of complexity among them. The Hulk only has three floss colors and not all that much detail, while I think that Thor is probably one of the more complicated sprite patterns without any backstitching involved.

For your cross stitching pleasure, here are eight Avengers cross stitch patterns, featuring Hawkeye, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Black Widow, Nick Fury, and Loki. I plan to start stitching these later, so I hope you guys like them, too! Also, if you prefer to use perler beads, I made sure to leave backstitching and other embellishments entirely out of this set, since it seemed like they'd look cool as melty chunks of plastic.

These patterns are all that I've got for you today, so I'm done blogging for now! I should be back with new patterns in the next couple of days, though, so, until then, have a nice weekend and good luck with your craft stuff!


  1. These are absolutely freakkin' adorable!!!! I love them and they're the perfect accent to an Avengers weekend. Hubby and I saw it last night with friends and now he wants to see it again tomorrow with different friends.

    PS. Did you stay all the way through the credits?

  2. Wow, these look so cool! Makes me really want to go see the movie now too :-)

  3. I know the Wee Little Stitches pattern, but your Avengers are adorable!!! I so want to go see the movie, but no one of my friends would come to this, and I never feel like going alone. So for now it will be just sit and wait I guess

  4. omg these r soooo cute. perfect. i know what my bf will want me to make for him now.

  5. Way cool!! :)
    I have to start stitching a couple of these characters soon--

  6. so cute! I'm going to try to stitch these ones now! I might tweak Thor a little too to make a Superman one, just now sure how to do his "S"

    Especially Loki. Is it wrong to like the bad guys best?
    Your patterns remain totally awesome!

  8. I've noticed how much you like to feature finished work, so I just thought I'd thank you for sharing all of your lovely patterns, and show you that I've made this for my friend's birthday present
    I did it on 18 count aida so it's only about 6x4 but I'm sure my friend will love it!
    Thank you again for your lovely patterns! My next project is the Lucky Star ones :)

  9. U could just perler bead the patterns its what my friends and i did

  10. hey! these are so cute and i want to make them, but i dont know the spaces in between each avenger, and i really need your help. Can you help me assemble the avengers?

    get it? :)

    but yeah i need ur help