Monday, May 21, 2012

Five Completely Unrelated But All Requested Sprite Patterns

Hello! Last night, I posted a giant pile of photos of sprites I'd stitched, with over 20 of them finally being included, in case you're curious about all of that. For today, however, I have five new cross stitch sprite patterns for you guys, with all of them taken from reader requests. Before I actually post these charts, I have to warn you that my method for choosing which requests got done today were not very technical at all. When I get a request, I write it down in a Chococat notebook, and then, months later, I remember the notebook exists and go through and make four or five of them just so I can cross them out and pretend that I've made some progress! Today's five patterns are largely a result of this pattern making methodology, so here they are!

The first pattern for today is of a character named Aela from Skyrim, which I know very little about. I've heard so many lovely and glittering reviews for it that I feel like actually playing it would either be a wild disappointment or destroy my productivity, neither of which I'd be very excited about. Doing patterns of characters with really detailed outfits is fun, though, and I like how this came out. It was interesting to try and do a lot on a girl's sprite that was armor rather than frills, and though I'm not sure it's as cool as my She-Ra pattern ended up being, I hope that you guys like her.
The next pattern in today's request set is another Sailor Moon one, featuring Hotaru's alter-ego Mistress 9. She had a white skirt in the manga images, which I used when making the pattern because I thought it looked a bit niftier. If you'd like to give her a black skirt, though, I'd recommend replacing the white floss in the skirt with either dark grey (3799) or dark navy (939).
Our second purple girl sprite of the day features Mai Valentine from Yugi-Oh. I think that this is my favorite of today's sprites, just because it took me forever to pixel her ridiculous Yugi-Oh hair. If you'd like to stitch a sprite of a character that wears tiny skirts, cheats at trading card games, and hits on high school boys, I hope that you enjoy this sprite, because those sorts of characters are few and far between!
The third and final purple girl sprite for today is of Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew, who is actually the second character from that anime I've made. (Mint, in both of her outfits, was previously requested.) I'd like to make the other three girls pretty soon, since magical girl sets are fun to work on, but for now, here is Zakuro, in one of the most minimal outfits worn by any of my sprite patterns.
The last pattern for today was requested years ago, featuring a sprite of Lupin the III. I wasn't completely pleased with how it came out at the time, but for today's post, I fiddled with it until it looked right because I've been reading the Arsene Lupin novels, thanks to Project Gutenberg and my Kindle, which led me to watch Lupin the III stuff again, which led back to this. It's not a very complicated sprite, so it should be really fast to stitch, too! Plus, the bright colors are a nice contrast to today's other four sprites.
With all five of those patterns posted, I'm done for today, but I've made another small and decidedly not requested pattern set that I'm about to print for myself and post tomorrow! If you've got a request for a new sprite pattern, you can always leave it in the comments here or comment on the Dork Stitch page on Facebook. I hope that you guys like these patterns and that you're having a nice week so far!


  1. They're all so cute, and the ones you've already done are so cute too!!

  2. LUPIN!!! YAY!
    I must stitch now!
    I'm just sorry I didn't see him sooner!

  3. Would you ever consider doing patterns for the other Tokyo Mew Mew characters?

    1. Sure, I don't see why not! I know that I have Mint posted, too, in a couple of different outfits (the maid cafe one and her magical girl outfit), but not the rest of them. I'm still okay with the Zakuro pattern, looking back at it, but might remake Mint if I do the full set.