Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Inherent Thrills of the Middle of Memorial Day Weekend

Hello! I have to admit right away that I'm not at my most enthusiastic today, but I got sick of playing Pangya pretty quickly today and can't think of anything more useful than this to do, so it seemed like a nice idea to post to my blog! As many of you have probably already seen, either from the thumbnail in whatever RSS reader you use (if it has thumbnails), or on the status update on the Dork Stitch Facebook page, I do have a new cross stitch pattern for today, featuring Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. I'd been wanting to make a pattern of her for quite a while, since sometimes it seems like the more reprehensible a cute cartoon character is, the better she'd be to use for a craft project. Since Billy and Mandy got put on Cartoon Planet this week, where Cartoon Network shows old cartoons with Brak interstitials for an hour, I was reminded of this goal and started work on today's pattern as soon as I was done watching TV for the night. The pattern for Mandy isn't too exciting, with just a few colors and a relatively small size, but she'd be quick to stitch and excellent for needlepoint or perler beads, which is always a nice advantage. Plus, she looks really irritated, which is as appropriate to the character as any of these patterns get.
In my last post, I hadn't really done any stitching worth posting photos of, but since then, I've finished another row in my latest set of cross stitch sprites. I started it off with the sprite I just posted of Moriarty, which, because of the whole crown jewels thing, was a little oversized, so I just decided to use the whole row on fancier sprites than normal. I only got three to fit rather than the usual five, but Moriarty (from the BBC's recent Sherlock), Yuko (from xxxHolic), and Butch and Cassidy (from Pokemon) were all fun to stitch and seem to be worth the extra plastic that they occupy. Plus, Yuko's butterfly wings utilize glitter floss, so that makes these even better.
I think that I'm done posting for now, but I should be back with more patterns and photos soon, though I'm not sure what any of them will feature. Until then, I hope that all of you have a nice weekend and do well with whatever crafts you're using to occupy the time!

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