Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Capcom vs. SNK 2 Sprite Patterns and a Mysterious New Project

Hello! Today, I think that the layout of my patterns might look a little weird. I was going to work on the desktop computer, but my sister was going to watch Pulp Fiction again, and I wanted to do that, too, so I got out the cheap old Mac laptop that I bought at a used computer store in a mall, which I'd say something nice about if it hadn't crashed and needed a restart in the middle of my typing this sentence. I think that I got all of the charts looking normal, though it took slightly longer than it usually does (which is more due to the movie than my computer). As long as they're readable, though, I don't think it matters, so it should be okay.

Anyway, for today, I decided to keep going on the set of Capcom vs. SNK sprite patterns, since it seems like I hadn't made or posted any of those in a long time. I think that I'm over halfway done with the set with today's post, so I hope that I haven't wasted all of the characters people actually would want to make, disregarding my own preferences, in the first part of the set. For today, though, I have four characters that I think came out reasonably well, with Zangief and Eagle from the Capcom side and Rock Howard and Vice from the SNK one. Even though Zangief is a really popular character, I don't like him that much at all, since he's slow and the hair on his knees seems to be sort of gross, so the other three characters that I picked were sort of compensation for my making his pattern. I still think that it's a cool pattern, and I hope that those of you who are Zangief fans like it, but he is not going to be the first that I stitch by a long shot. Rather than go on and on about which Street Fighter characters I like or dislike, though, I'll just post today's four new charts and get it over with!
Now that I've got today's patterns posted, I should be done for today, but instead, I think that I'm going to post a photo of a new project that I've started. I've seen a lot of blogs do, "Guess what this project is!" things, so it seems like as good an idea as any to try that with this pattern. My first hints, aside from the photo, are that this pattern is from a book, not from the internet or one of my own patterns, and that it depicts a famous fictional character. If someone gets it from what I've done so far, I'll be really impressed, since I think that at this point, I'd forget what it was if I put it away for too long, but I can imagine someone doing it! Anyway, here is the first photo of the less than amazing mystery project.
I think that with that, I'm done for today, but I'm hoping to do a lot of spiffy new posts in the future, featuring a lot of stuff. Putting that incredibly specific preview aside, I hope that all of you have nice weekends and good luck with your craft projects!

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  1. *laughs* I couldn't begin to figure out what that project is.

    Speaking of sprites, a small question: Have you done any from Petshop of Horrors? I can't remember if you did or not.