Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Moriarty, Pangya, and a New Mini SAL (That I Haven't Started Yet)

Hello! Today, I'm not sure that my post is going to be that exciting, since today is just going to be another five sprite patterns. I'd post some photos of finished stitching, too, but since all that I've done since yesterday is stitch half of one of my new charts for today, it seems like that would be a little impractical. I had a lot of fun making these patterns, though, so I hope that you guys like stitching them!

With the sprite patterns for today, it seems like the most reasonable place to start would be with the one that I think people may actually want. Keeping that in mind, here is the third piece of my set of Sherlock patterns, featuring Moriarty. I tried to make a pattern of him when I first made the sprites for Sherlock and Watson, but was having a lot of trouble making him look distinctive or recognizable. After PBS showed the last episode of the second season, though, the whole theft of the crown jewels scene made it look like that part of it would be much easier. With his crown, scepter, and long, flowing robe, Moriarty is the biggest sprite pattern that I've posted here since the Avengers set, and fairly detailed, too. Whether you decide to cross stitch or perler bead him, though, I think that it should work pretty well!
My next four patterns for today make up a full set, featuring some of the golfers from Pangya, a Korean online golf game, in outfits inspired by Hello Kitty that they sold for Japanese players. I pretty much made these patterns for myself, and wasn't sure if I was going to post them, since it seems like a fairly limited subject. I was pretty pleased with how the patterns ended up, though, and even if you don't play Pangya (or Super Swing Golf, like it's called on Wii in the US) or have any idea what it is, the bows and frills and cat ears seem like they'd be fun to stitch. Either way, here are sprite patterns of Lucia, Cecilia, Hana, and Kooh from the game in their fluffy, girly, and overwhelmingly pink Hello Kitty outfits!

I'm all out of patterns to post for today (though I have plenty of ideas for new ones to make and post later in this week), but before I go, I wanted to tell everyone that Manka, at Himezzunk kozosen, is having a new mini SAL project! Her last stitch along was really fun, and the pattern for this one is a little smaller, but very cute, too! Her blog says that the finished projects aren't supposed to be shown off until June 2nd, so I'm holding off on stitching it. I'm looking forward to making it, though, and hoping that it turns out to be as pretty as the last one! Sign-ups for the SAL are open until May 26th, so if you'd like to join, too, there's still plenty of time.

I'm done posting for today, but I should be back with plenty more typing and patterns and all of that stuff very soon! Until then, have a nice week and good luck with your stitching!

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