Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brightly Colored and Perler Friendly Cross Stitch Patterns of Archie and Betty

Hello! The other day, I was at an out of town Jo-Ann's, which always has more stuff than the local one, no matter which other town it's in, and I got a giant perler beads pegboard, with a 49x69 space for beads and enough room at the sides that you can pick it up and move it from room to room. I thought that it might be cool to try and use it to make some panels of Archie comics characters, after hearing Sugar, Sugar on the radio, but when I looked for some cross stitch or perler bead patterns of them, I couldn't find anything along those lines at all. There was plenty of fan art out there, and even a lot of nifty jewelry and accessories, but as far as crafts where you stitch or bead pixel stuff, Archie characters seemed to be completely absent. Because of that, I spent this afternoon making my own patterns for the perler beads board, which I decided to put here even though no one has ever even remotely asked for them. So far, I've only done patterns for Archie and Betty, since I can't even imagine having enough black perler beads at once to make Veronica's hair. They're formatted as cross stitch patterns, since there's less perler bead colors than DMC floss colors, making it less complicated to pick colors for that craft. Plus, I might go nuts and cross stitch or needlepoint these, so that makes my choice more convenient in the long run. Regardless of what craft you want to use these patterns for, however, I made sure that both patterns used bright colors and were relatively uncomplicated, with fully filled in, if not easy to change or discard, backgrounds. They're facing opposite directions, too, because I thought that would look cool if they were displayed together.

In order to make these, I edited old comic art, with Archie's being from a comic panel and Betty's being from a '60s comic cover. I realize that no one cares about this, but in the original images, Archie had a blue shirt on, and Betty had a red one, which I switched around for no apparent reason. It was fun to work on these, so if there are any other characters you want, let me know and I'll make the patterns for you! My choices here were sort of arbitrary, so it's not like I have anything against the rest of them. Here are the actual patterns, rather than just more typing about them.

Originally, I had a big final paragraph here, but my other browser crashed twice and deleted it twice, so now I'm going to just type something short. I should have more sprite patterns pretty soon, though, so it won't be long before I post again! Until then, have a nice rest of your week and good luck with whatever crafts you're inflicting on yourself.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pokemon and The Last Blade in Sprite Patterns, Because The Two Go Together Totally Well

Hello! I've been making sprite patterns like crazy lately, since they're nice to make when it's really hot out and I'm sitting in the living room that my laptop, which basically runs a paint program and Pangya. That doesn't mean that I've gotten a lot of patterns that people actually want done, though I have made some lovely and extremely detailed Soul Calibur ones that I'll be inflicting on you on a later date. Last night, however, I finished three new Pokemon Black/White trainer patterns, featuring Cilan and N, both of whom were actually requested, and Professor Juniper, who I made during a really boring meeting of the Pokemon League that I run. I was going to just post those three, but I wanted to print all of them, plus the sprite patterns of Link and Pit from a little over a week ago. However, I print the patterns four to a page, making that plan a waste of paper, so I decided to chart up three more sprite patterns to make it an easily printable number. Since I had an easily accessible set of three patterns from The Last Blade, a very spiffy Neo Geo fighting game that I got on the Wii's Virtual Console, that game's Kaede, Moriya, and Yuki got to be in this post, too. They may not be here for a very good reason, but if you are also a fan of The Last Blade that wants to cross stitch tiny versions of the characters, it's your lucky day.

There's nothing too out of the ordinary about any of these sprite patterns, so I don't have any notes about anything to watch out for while stitching them or anything like that. There's not any backstitching on any of them, and the color count's not too high on any of them, although between the three Pokemon ones, there's quite a few shades of green. With that said, though, I think that I'll just get these patterns posted for your stitching pleasure!

Now that all of those are posted and ready to print, it's time for a photo of the cross stitch that I'm currently working on, which is, like last week, the fancy Beauty and the Beast kit that I'm stitching! I felt like I'd been working and working on it without making any progress at all, but when I looked at last week's photo of it again, it turned out that it was a lot more than I'd thought it was. In fact, I think that some parts of it may be starting to get recognizable. After a few more days of work, though, I think it might be even better, so I'm looking forward to doing more of it. (Plus, I saw a Lion King kit in the same line at Hobby Lobby today, so now I'm even more motivated to finish this one.)
I'm done posting here for now, but I've done so many sprite patterns and plan to do so many more that I don't think it'll be long at all before I'm posting again. Plus, next week includes July 3rd, which is Dork Stitch's Annual Heal Slime Day, so I'll have a cool new cross stitch pattern of a Heal Slime then! I'm not sure how to outdo last year's Andy Warhol Heal Slimes, but I have some ideas for a new pattern. Also, if any of the rest of you would like to participate with your own Heal Slime related arts and crafts, let me know before July 3rd!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A New Monochrome Legend of Zelda Pattern!

Hello! Today I sat down to make some new sprite patterns, since I've been able to get a ton of them finished lately, and I got to one of the comments from my patterns of Link and Pit, which asked for two Legend of Zelda patterns of Marin from Link's Awakening, which I did a sprite pattern for and will post soon, and Medli from The Wind Waker. I haven't played The Wind Waker before, so I didn't really know who Medli was, though I had my suspicions. When I looked her up, I was very happy to see that she was actually the character I'd previously referred to as "the duck princess," which I know is very knowledgeable and enlightened of me. Because of that, I did not make a sprite pattern of her, but instead made a 135 stitch tall monochrome cross stitch pattern of her to match the Link and Zelda that I've previously posted. I know that she's not as much of a major character as Link and Zelda, but I found the perfect image to base the pattern on and am fond of her, so that's why she got the pattern. Regardless of the number of games that she appears in, though, I hope that some of you guys like the pattern enough to stitch her! It's a little too hot to work on a project this big where I am right now, but I'm printing off a copy of Medli to stitch for myself once the weather cools off by a few degrees.
Since I have today's pattern posted, I should probably quit blogging now, but instead, I'll post a WIP photo of the cross stitch project I got back out last night! In April, I bought the smaller version of the Disney Thomas Kinkade Beauty and the Beast kit, feeling a little bit like it was very pretty and I'd somehow totally screw it up. After working on it on and a lot more off for a while, though, I think that I can get through it with no major disasters! It's fun to work on because there are so many color changes, and it's easy to see progress on it, too, since it's not too big. Here is a dark photo of my progress on it so far!
Now I'm actually done blogging for today, but I have so many sprite patterns finished and ready to go that, theoretically, I can pop back up and start posting new patterns with little or no warning! Until that dreaded day arrives, I hope that you're having pleasant weeks and doing well with whatever crafts you're doing!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

IHSW June and Some Fun Blog Contact Information

Hello, everyone! As you can probably tell from my post's title, tonight I'm going to be writing about this month's International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, as hosted by Joysze of Random Ramblings, but before I go on with that, I have something else to say! In the past couple of weeks, I've been asked questions and stuff like that in the comments on my posts, but, unfortunately, I usually don't have any way to contact you guys in return! Though I can hit reply to a comment and directly e-mail some people, that doesn't always work, and I have very little idea why this is the case one way or the other. If you'd like to contact me directly with a question, however, I have just remember that, thanks to the lovely Chris at the other Dork Stitch, I have a spiffy specialty e-mail address at missy-tannenbaum(at)! I hadn't logged into this address for ages, and, somewhat inexplicably, I had nearly a thousand spam messages in my inbox, the majority of which were from Chili's. Since I can't remember ever eating at Chili's, although I've been told that I did when I was little, this confuses me. It is a nice e-mail address, though, and I'll check it regularly both for correspondence relating to this blog and coupons for ribs from a restaurant at which I don't eat.

Also, the Facebook page for this blog, which now has a handy, possible to remember web address (it's - isn't that nice?), is also a good place where I can reply to comments and questions, though I completely understand if you are irritated by Facebook and want to avoid that avenue. I can also respond if an e-mail address is left with the comment, but if you do that, you should understand that you also run the risk of attracting the attention of the spam overlords at Chili's, so it is a risky endeavor.

Anyway, with all of that boring crud out of the way, it's time to post the stuff I made this weekend! If you count only Saturday and Sunday as IHSW, I did not get much done at all, though I did fold up a bunch of origami stuff and do extensive television watching. If you also count Thursday night and Friday, however, I finished stitching seven of my sprite patterns of tributes from The Hunger Games, which is what I did those days, and outlined the patterns for three characters from Sailor Moon, which is what I did during the real weekend. My photo for the weekend has more than that on it, since I haven't cut anything out yet, but the entire top row and the entire bottom row are both the recent work of which I've been typing! (The stuff inbetween is nifty, too, though, especially the Pangya sprites that I finished. It doesn't show up here, but Cecilia, Hana, and Lucia, in the fourth row from the bottom, all are done with copious amounts of glitter floss. Rock Howard, who is right next to them, is also wearing a beautiful red glitter coat, which I think he'd appreciate. It would certainly make him stand out in a fighting tournament.) This photo was taken at night and under a lamp, so some may say that the image is poorly lit, but I have decided that it is instead atmospheric, which sounds much lovelier.
Now that I've covered the stuff in my blog post title, I'm done for today, but I should be back soon with more stuff covered by different blog post titles! Until then, good luck with your craft projects and have a good week!

Pit and Link in Sprite Patterns

Hello! My blog post for tonight is not going to be very long, since it's getting late and I'm sleepy. I would have posted sooner, but I was playing Sorry with my sister and mom, so instead of a wordy and incoherent post, you get a relatively short, but no less coherent one. Anyway, I made two new sprite patterns tonight, featuring Pit from Kid Icarus and one of a young Link from the Legend of Zelda. Both of them are detailed, though Pit has a lot more colors and such than Link does, look fun to stitch, and are staving off the set of Last Blade patterns that I have ready to post (so all of you can look forward to that), so I hope you guys like them! I'm hoping to stitch both of them eventually.

Now that I have both of those posted, I'm done for tonight, but it was fun to work on Nintendo character patterns! Are there any in particular that you guys would like to see? I'm trying to work out how to get the mustaches right for the Mario Bros., but there are a lot more that could be made than just them. I'll be back and posting again tomorrow about International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, so until then, have a relaxing Sunday!

Friday, June 8, 2012

What I Do When I've Stitched My Sprite Patterns

Hello! I don't have much to write about in this post, but today, I cut out twelve of the sprite patterns from this blog that I cross stitched and then took some photos of all of the ones I have cut out so far. It's a fairly pointless endeavor, but I stitch all of the sprite patterns on plastic canvas so that I can cut them out like cardboard standees from a Happy Meal box, or like the ones that used to come in anime DVDs. I've given quite a few of the ones I've made so far away, but I still had 81 of them to display for today's photos. Eventually, I'd like to have so many of them that a picture of all of these looks like a Smash Bros. trophy collection. I'm not quite there yet, but since I still have more of them to cut out and don't plan to quit stitching them anytime soon, I think it's an attainable goal! Here is my best photograph 81 of my cross stitched sprite patterns carefully balanced on stacks of PS2 game cases.
As you can probably tell from this image, some of them need to be flattened out between the pages of giant books, especially in the Robotech set near the bottom on the right, but for the most part, I've had pretty good luck with these! They're sort of organized by subject matter, but the display order is still pretty scattered. Still, I think that this photo came out well enough to post. I didn't want to set everything up and only take one picture, though, so if you'd like a better or blurrier look at any of the cross stitched standees, here are three more photos!

These are the close-ups of each side, which really show off the bendy-ness of a few of the standees as well as my stunning ability to take a fuzzy photo of a subject that can't move! They do give a better view of the individual cross stitches, though, which seems good enough. In the second one, though, the entire first row looks ready to tip over and I'm not sure why. That wasn't actually a problem with them, so I must have had the camera at a weird angle.
Here is the stunning panoramic view of the set, which I would have used as the first picture if the ones in back were actually visible. I think that it looks sort of cool, though, so that's why it ended up here. Stunning information, isn't it?

That's all I really wanted to write about for today, but I should have some more new patterns to post here pretty soon! Until then, have a nice weekend and good luck with your craft projects!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cross Stitch Patterns of Characters from Fighting Games and Rushmore

Hello! Today, I have another four new sprite patterns for you and nothing else, though the patterns seemed like more than enough of an excuse to write a blog post. The subjects of tonight's cross stitch charts include two new entries in the Capcom vs. SNK 2 set, featuring Maki and Nakoruru, Mature, from the King of Fighters games, and Max Fischer, the main character from the movie Rushmore. I wish I could say that this was some sort of wild coincidence, or that there was no clear reason why I'd have this combination of patterns for you tonight, but really, I just got a request e-mail about the three fighting game characters and then watched Rushmore, so it's pretty boring.

The patterns are all pretty typical sprite patterns, but tonight, I do actually have some really uninteresting design-type things to say about a couple of them! With Mature's pattern, I used one of her alternate color schemes when making the sprite, since I always pick her blue and white dress and think that it looks nicer than the gray and white one, especially for a tiny version of the character. If, however, you're more traditional about your King of Fighters cross stitch fan art, just replace the 820 with 3799, which is a nearly black shade of gray, and you'll have a stitched version of Mature in her default color scheme. Maki and Nakoruru are both pretty standard charts, with both characters in their normal colors, so there isn't much to say about them. With the pattern of Max Fischer, I added some backstitch for his glasses, just because I thought it looked a little more accurate. However, if you want to use the pattern for Perler bead stuff, I don't think that the sprite looked bad without the extra stitching, meaning that it should be okay! Anyway, that seems like a lot of typing for what I actually have to post, so here are the cross stitch charts before I go on any more about them!

With those patterns posted, I'm done for tonight, but I'll probably think of some more ridiculous patterns to make and post, in which case I shall return and strike again! Until then, have a good evening and a nice rest of your week!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Five New Sprite Patterns of Characters From Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Hello! I have been really slow in getting ready to do this blog post for today, so I can't see myself being too fast about writing it, either. I'm pretty happy with the new patterns for today, though, which are five new sprite patterns of characters from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum! I got a request through the Dork Stitch Facebook page the other day for more male Pokemon trainers, so I decided to start working on that. To be fair to the requester, I have not yet made the specific characters that she asked for, though they'll probably get done later this week, and I also have another girl sprite in this set, on account of the fact that I really wanted to make and stitch it. Out of the five new patterns for today, though, four of them are new ones of male Pokemon trainers, so I think that I ended up with some patterns that are at least headed in the right direction!

For today's set of sprite patterns, I decided to go with the characters from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum because I thought that it might be nice to make Lucas and Dawn's wintery outfits from the Platinum game. I already had Dawn's first outfit, which was one of the first sprite patterns I made, so I only had to worry about one sprite for her, but ended up making Lucas twice, just to get one for each of his outfits. Past those two, I made a pattern of Barry, the rival character, since I'd tried to make one of him years ago and failed miserably, and then one of Roark, to see if his safety helmet would look decent in a sprite pattern. I'm hoping to stitch at least a few of these at some point, so I hope that you guys like them, too!

With all of today's pattern's posted, it's time for a second photo of my ever-so-mysterious WIP, which is almost starting to look like something! I'm still not sure she's identifiable, though someone might see what character it is, but at the very least, it has more of a shape than it did last time I took a photo of it. Soon, I'm hoping to get into a second or third color on her! (I'm hoping to get a less blurry photo next time, too.)
I think that I'm done posting for today, but, since I work on patterns for this quite a bit, I'm hoping to post again soon with new patterns and other stuff. Until then, I hope that you are all having nice weeks and doing well with whatever crafts you're working on!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tulipant's Heritage SAL

Hello! I mentioned last night that I was hoping to finish the mini stitch-along that I was working on today, hosted, once again, by Manka at Himezzunk kozosen! Even though my focus today was awful and involved far more Temple Run than it did cross stitching, I managed to get it finished and ready for tonight's blogging! Just like in the last SAL, I really enjoyed stitching this pattern. The motif of the couple surrounded by flowers was very pretty, and it's really cool that the pattern for it was a reproduction of a piece that Tulipant (another blogger who has a photo-filled blog found here) inherited from her grandmother. Anyway, here is my finished cross stitching of the pattern, with one major error that I'm not sure shows up when it's not in a side-by-side comparison with the chart!

I wanted this to be a small scale project, since I took it with to work while I waited at a hair salon, so I stitched it on a scrap of fabric that I think was 18-count Aida, with one DMC and one generic embroidery floss. I thought that the two shades of green looked pretty together, so that's why I went with that, and in the end, I think that it worked out. It came out to be quite small, but I, at least, think that it's spiffy looking, and was glad to participate in another of Manka's Hungarian folk art SALs!

I plan to post again within the next few days, with new patterns and all of that, but, until then, have a good start to your week!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sprite Style Cross Stitch Patterns of Marty Stuart and Connie Smith

Hello! To begin this post, I would like to say that I realize that I have requests for a lot of sprite patterns, and I do intend to work on filling them again soon. Tonight, though, I was watching The Marty Stuart Show, which is a half-hour show where people stand around and play and discuss traditional country music, and decided that Marty Stuart looked enough like a sprite pattern that there ought to be one made of him. When I announced this plan, my mother suggested that I also make one of Connie Smith, his wife who appears on the show every week, and since I like having sets of sprite patterns, that idea made the whole thing seem even better. Even though I'm not sure that any of you want these patterns, it was a lot of fun to make them, since the tall hair and nudie suits posed a reasonable challenge that I don't think I did too badly at, and as detailed as they are, I think that they should be fun to cross stitch (or perler bead, if you're a bead melter who also finds this interesting), which is why I'm posting them! Rather than go on and on about these patterns, I suppose that I will just post them. I hope that you guys like them!
With that done, I don't have much other content for tonight, since my stitching for today was part of Manka's current SAL, which I hope to have done for a post tomorrow! Until my next post, however, I'll leave you with this video from The Marty Stuart Show, since I feel like proving that the sprite pattern does actually look like him. Have a nice weekend!