Thursday, June 28, 2012

Brightly Colored and Perler Friendly Cross Stitch Patterns of Archie and Betty

Hello! The other day, I was at an out of town Jo-Ann's, which always has more stuff than the local one, no matter which other town it's in, and I got a giant perler beads pegboard, with a 49x69 space for beads and enough room at the sides that you can pick it up and move it from room to room. I thought that it might be cool to try and use it to make some panels of Archie comics characters, after hearing Sugar, Sugar on the radio, but when I looked for some cross stitch or perler bead patterns of them, I couldn't find anything along those lines at all. There was plenty of fan art out there, and even a lot of nifty jewelry and accessories, but as far as crafts where you stitch or bead pixel stuff, Archie characters seemed to be completely absent. Because of that, I spent this afternoon making my own patterns for the perler beads board, which I decided to put here even though no one has ever even remotely asked for them. So far, I've only done patterns for Archie and Betty, since I can't even imagine having enough black perler beads at once to make Veronica's hair. They're formatted as cross stitch patterns, since there's less perler bead colors than DMC floss colors, making it less complicated to pick colors for that craft. Plus, I might go nuts and cross stitch or needlepoint these, so that makes my choice more convenient in the long run. Regardless of what craft you want to use these patterns for, however, I made sure that both patterns used bright colors and were relatively uncomplicated, with fully filled in, if not easy to change or discard, backgrounds. They're facing opposite directions, too, because I thought that would look cool if they were displayed together.

In order to make these, I edited old comic art, with Archie's being from a comic panel and Betty's being from a '60s comic cover. I realize that no one cares about this, but in the original images, Archie had a blue shirt on, and Betty had a red one, which I switched around for no apparent reason. It was fun to work on these, so if there are any other characters you want, let me know and I'll make the patterns for you! My choices here were sort of arbitrary, so it's not like I have anything against the rest of them. Here are the actual patterns, rather than just more typing about them.

Originally, I had a big final paragraph here, but my other browser crashed twice and deleted it twice, so now I'm going to just type something short. I should have more sprite patterns pretty soon, though, so it won't be long before I post again! Until then, have a nice rest of your week and good luck with whatever crafts you're inflicting on yourself.


  1. These are Fabulous!! How did you know I didn't have enough to do? :)
    If you're looking for something else really retro (and ok obscure) how about Millie the Model? She would make a great portrait picture. Sprite wise my vote would go to Scooby Doo.

  2. Love these!! Brought back a ton of memories. My fav was always Jughead, and I can see why Reggie and Veronica would be annoying with all the black.

  3. You're a life saver. I've been trying to find them after failing to make the patterns myself. My one year old loves Archie, he was Archie for Halloween an has a bunch of Archie dolls. Fun fact.... His name is Archie after his grandfather. I'm trying to make a quilt for him. Now just need to find the rest of the gang!!

  4. Love the patterns,would you be able to do Veronica?

    1. Yeah, that would be okay! Do you want the same size/background style for it?

    2. Forgot all about this, could you still make it,same size as the others?