Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cross Stitch Patterns of Characters from Fighting Games and Rushmore

Hello! Today, I have another four new sprite patterns for you and nothing else, though the patterns seemed like more than enough of an excuse to write a blog post. The subjects of tonight's cross stitch charts include two new entries in the Capcom vs. SNK 2 set, featuring Maki and Nakoruru, Mature, from the King of Fighters games, and Max Fischer, the main character from the movie Rushmore. I wish I could say that this was some sort of wild coincidence, or that there was no clear reason why I'd have this combination of patterns for you tonight, but really, I just got a request e-mail about the three fighting game characters and then watched Rushmore, so it's pretty boring.

The patterns are all pretty typical sprite patterns, but tonight, I do actually have some really uninteresting design-type things to say about a couple of them! With Mature's pattern, I used one of her alternate color schemes when making the sprite, since I always pick her blue and white dress and think that it looks nicer than the gray and white one, especially for a tiny version of the character. If, however, you're more traditional about your King of Fighters cross stitch fan art, just replace the 820 with 3799, which is a nearly black shade of gray, and you'll have a stitched version of Mature in her default color scheme. Maki and Nakoruru are both pretty standard charts, with both characters in their normal colors, so there isn't much to say about them. With the pattern of Max Fischer, I added some backstitch for his glasses, just because I thought it looked a little more accurate. However, if you want to use the pattern for Perler bead stuff, I don't think that the sprite looked bad without the extra stitching, meaning that it should be okay! Anyway, that seems like a lot of typing for what I actually have to post, so here are the cross stitch charts before I go on any more about them!

With those patterns posted, I'm done for tonight, but I'll probably think of some more ridiculous patterns to make and post, in which case I shall return and strike again! Until then, have a good evening and a nice rest of your week!

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